20+ melee weapons (mostly knives) near an NCPD scanner hustle?

I did a scanner hustle a while ago, I think it was a Reported Crime, it's in Westbrook, more details behind the spoiler tag:

It's the one where a nearby email message states something along the lines of:
Militech are taking over the business, your strike is illegal, if you continue to strike, you'll be treated as terrorists.
The enemies are mostly Militech rangers, a heavy gunner, a sniper, 2 robots and a hovering drone. Here's the location, centre of my map under my player marker


After clearing out all of the hostiles, I found an absolute cornucopia of melee weapons, mainly knives/blades, all in a small container (an open-top box, like a human being might be able to easily carry). In fact they were actually floating in midair slightly above the container; I forgot to screenshot it before I looted them all. When I say cornucopia I mean, like 20 weapons all squashed into an area that would be less than a 1/2 metre cube. They seemed to be level-appropriate too, since most were T4 with some T5 stuff, and my V is level 40.

Here's the container they were in though (cropped so as not to give away too much about the area):

Did I just benefit from some kind of bug? Were they all supposed to be there? They seemed too closely packed-in (and not relevant to the mission) to be there intentionally. It's been over a year since I last played, so I don't remember if I saw them on a pre-2.0 playthrough or not.

Anyway, it turned into a sweet haul of crafting components, once I'd dismantled them all!
Did I just benefit from some kind of bug? Were they all supposed to be there?
I don't know if it's a bug nor if it's supposed to be like that, but it's like that since release. I always "thought" it was stuff confiscated by Militech dudes to the bunch of dead people all around (I guess items float in the air, because there are too many at the same spot/crate).
I just completed this NCDP Scanner Hustle today, at level 50, it was a feast of T5 melee weapons and so, T5 components. So I won't complain :D
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