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25 points Ele'yas

I had faced a 25 points Eleyas once. It was obviously a swap deck. But how did the opponent achieve 25 points? I mean, was the opponent super lucky (having perfect card and perfect draws) or it is easily achievable? What is the ideal hand and draw and how to use this card?
Kind of a lucky draws. Having him in your starting hand and mulligan him in and out with Francesca only and he goes to 17 (2+2+3), than another swap and he is 19, calling him with ADC and he's 23, so I guess there was 1 more swap somewhere in between.
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Especially with the current mulligan system (cards you mulligan in round 1, you'll likely get back in round two) it's not too hard to achieve. Also the new Elven Scout gives that archetype more ways to swap things. I've seen Eley'as even bigger here and there, but yeah, 25 is pretty good too.
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Yes. I remember that the opponent had Scouts and the Officer who swaps. 25 seemed too good and too much. So, may be the opponent had a very lucky hand and lucky draws and lucky swaps. Because it is relatively easily possible, we should embrace ourselves for that more.


In a swap deck it's quite easy to get Ele'yas back, just swap him as much as possible with Elven Scouts and Vrihedd Officers, you can tutor for him later with Francesca or just play Alzur's Double–Cross :)
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