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A fan-made trailer

Hi everyone. This is my trailer. Hope you enjoy ;]
@ ShadowPro

Just like your nick says - really Pro! It could easily be an official one! I like your choice of music and I think what would make the trailer even more cool is some dialogues on top of the soundtrack, I think it would fit quite well. Overall - amazing work!

@MM360 - I think we've got already quite a few trailers that would be worth khem khem...appreciating, you know what I mean :)
Wunderbar007 said:
Loving all the work done here!!

ThePiter, that intro, was that done with after effects?
Yup, After Effects, mainly using VC Optical Flares, same as outro with medallion shake. ;)
That's awesome man, I'm trying to learn Photoshop and After Effects now for use in future fan trailers. Great trailer by the way!!