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A grittier and darker world, story, and characters?


What type of tone/theme are you looking for?

  • Arcadey, colorful, sunny city. Cool and retro! Still a little mature.

  • Darker, gritty, edgy(?), intense. Personal and narrative driven while retaining the rich open world

  • Don't care about story and involvement. Bad*ss with a cool car against a bad guy.

  • Fun and sandbox. Give me something like gta or watchdogs 2, in that futuristic setting.

  • Don't care much for the open world, about that cinematic story like a Detroit become human game.

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I want this game to be special. I'd want a stylish, tone-set, mature game. GTA and Watchdogs 2 is mature, but I'm aiming for something realer as shown in the first teaser trailer (please don't be like gta). I don't want the same old bad*ss with guns and a fancy car driving around doing things a bad*ss with a gun would. I'd want a deep personal story, one that leaves you cold, it's intense, like the first teaser. You know, like a person who gets too invested in these cyber enhancements that he loses himself and goes crazy, in the end has a completely different body, becomes violent (I wouldn't want that to be the only main character, gotta lighten it up and make it more interesting than just that). A bright, sunny, colorful city is cool but I also want that gritty, kind of edgy, dark feeling just as much, maybe even more prominently. The player could become attatched more and more to the character as the character progresses through monumental changes, and in the end, the story is a roller-coaster with just as much heart and stone cold emotion as it had exhileration and action. Maybe in the end, when the character is done levelling up and gaining all the enhancements to defeat the big enemies, he/she could come to a realization and look back at what they have done and how they have changed. And how everything around them did, including the other characters, and how that is both beautiful, detremental, and depressing (not those exact descriptors, but you get the idea). It puts the player directly against the main mission of an rpg, contradicting the formula most of them use, making them question other games, and that could be really beautiful. That imo could be a really powerful story in gaming. One that not only challenges the character in the game, but also the player, and everything they knew about typical story narratives from before. Less ready player one (in fact nothing like player one), and more... Blade runner maybe? Well, I can't really compare to anything, because the idea in my head that I'm trying to describe is wholly unique, interesting, and cool, at least for me. And I'm going to take a bold move here and say I don't want the story to be like the witcher, it worked there, this is a completely different game and universe, it needs something special. My idea is a little different than what was shown in the e3 trailer (as you can probably see I had mixed feelings). I had different feelings and emotions during the hacking scene, for example, than when the trailer ended. You have a while to go before it is done, I trust you guys. Don't be afraid to change a lot of the game. PS, posted this as a reply in another thread, seemed to kind of relate.

Also, I realize that what I said may be cool but not everything the devs want to do as well. So you could also do more than one main character. Imagine, 2 customizable characters, each integrating and layering into the main storyline/tone of a story I said before, each in their own incredibly complex surroundings, with their own homes and cars and personalities, feelings, motivations, endings, that ultimately fuel the main theme I was trying to describe before. One a little dark and gritty, one a little less, I don't know kinda hard to describe. Just some ideas, I don't know if you hire writers and "screenwriters" to envision the world and the narratives but I'm here.

Also, I realize I'm probably pitching a totally different game than what you the devs may have right now. I can always hope.


Why can't people understad that Blade Runner is not cyberpunk, and Cyberpunk 2077 is based on Cyberpunk 2020 which is, well, exactly like the trailer shows, only in the 80s :)