a list of bugs and ease-of-use changes

Hello dear Devs!

Sorry to be posting a list this long this close to christmas. :( If some of them were already reported, please consider this proof that the previous report was not an isolated incident.

Up front Id like to compliment you on having done a fine job with the game and assure you that I 100% understand that a new game will have issues (happens pretty much with every game, especially ones as massive as Cyberpunk 2077). I have tried to keep my criticism devoid of sarcasm and other unpleasantness, as I understand youre probably tired of gamers griping on forums. :) Dont worry about those things.

The things I have noticed dont neccessarily aren't 100% functional/make sence are:

can pick up the same shard over and over
This is a bit of a drag - you get to a datapad and find the same "diaries of a whore"/"culinary guide to night city" or other similar entries. I get that in a real world LOTS of people would have the same book, but it would still help if the data shards had at least a different color if youve already read them.

car visibility is not good, would be good to put V's seat higher
I honestly feel like a granny when I'm driving around... That the speed isnt exactly high - cool, keep that the way it is. After all - there are LOADS of cars to pick from and each have slightly different specs. But it would be nice to see something else than the cars hood, especially when youre going "downhill" (in that case you dont even see the car which just a second ago was in front of you).

selling and disassembling should be available in bulk
Having to select individual items when selling is somewhat lengthy. A "Select all" button, which would select everything youre not currently using and give you the option to unselect things you want to use in the future/want to keep for other reasons, would be good.

selecting the full stack needs a dedicated button
when you want to sell a stack of something, you need to select the amount when in a lot of other games you can either specify the amount by dragging the bar below (more on that later), just flat-out enter the amount or have buttons to "sell all", "sell half" etc. I find it strange your beta-testers did not find this lacking, tbh.

it would be useful to have a "multi-craft" option
The scenario is, that I have been mass-crafting a gun, which had the highest selling price to lower my amount of basic crafting mats and up my bank account. :) In that case I had to click each time V was supposed to craft. This is more of a vanity request, considering the crafting progress would still have to go through every time the item would craft, but it would still be nice to just go "craft 800 units of this thing" and go for a beer while V takes a week off crafting guns. :-D

being able to edit map markers (never able to find Victor Vector)
Finding my way to a particular vendor very often results in me going from vendor to vendor until I finally find the one Im looking for. It would be good if either the marker updated with the name of the vendor (e.g. Ripperdoc - Victor), or if you could downright overwrite the marker to something that will make sence to you.

sprinting shouldnt be interrupted by anything, if possible. if not, at least stepping off the sidewalk shouldnt break it
Every .... single .... time. I get that dropping off something may break your composure, so dropping off something like a low roof would break your stride, but a 20 cm small sidewalk?

cyberware mods need better descriptions (such as where they belong)
When youre looking at a mod (either cyberware, item mod or other, it is never quite clear to me where they belong. Lets take a gun sight for an example - I would have 5+ sights in my inventory, but end up not being able to use any of them for a revolver. I understand when Im not able to slap a long sight on a revolver, but many of them have a rather vague name and the description just says "scope" or "mod". Can you please add icons of things which will accept the mod, such as a lower portion of the item description having pictures of a handgun/assault rifle/shotgun/sniper rifle/SMG etc. to differentiate what weapon a mod is used on?

it should be possible to scroll down messages/shards by dragging the scroll bar or at least using the PageUp/Down/Home/End keys
This is particularly bad in shards, where the "Other" section already contains 127 items at the start of Act 2, which you have to scroll through to move down. Yes you can close the "Other" to get to the other sections, but what if youre looking for a particular entry/have missed a "NEW" entry and now its in the middle of the thing? The scroll bar on the right of the list should be interactable and possible to drag up and/or down.

giving gifts would be welcome (to heal NPCs and/or your partner, for example)
I get that cannonically the world of Cyberpunk is one, where humanity and kindness are long-forgotten principles, however there was a Cyberpsycho task, where you came into a warehouse and found a wounded girl, who was slowly bleeding to death. In this case it would have been good to be able to give her a healing item. Also - kindness or not, healing your support is just common sence. And furthermore - why not allow V to be different from all the jerks frequenting Night City? It would still be an option and if people dont want to use it - just dont use it.

during The Heist, Jacky keeps yelling around and even when he is directly in front of enemies - they do not react to him
Again - this is more of a vain suggestion. It seemed rather immersion-breaking, that we were sneaking through the hotel and Jacky would just start yelling on how the enemies should "come get some".

sound glitches - breaking a glass window does not load the sound
This again happened in The Heist mission, when I was trying to get to the two closed-up meeting rooms. Breaking the glass with fists didnt trigger sound at all, neither time.

Blood Pump cyberware will not activate (even after long-press)
So the Blood Pump cyberware replaces your grenade and it should heal V for 60% of his/her HPs. I tried pressing Q and noticed this is one you have to charge, so I long-pressed Q until the screen icon filled - still nothing happened. I thought "maybe its a regen heal?" so I got V wounded and she took cover - still nothing, no matter the amount of time V remained in cover.

enemies randomly splatter on the ground when you put them down from stealth-carrying
This is especially frustrating when you have knocked someone out and want to carry them out of sight and when you put them down they splatter the ground as if you dropped them from high place. Regrettably - this happens fully randomly and I wasnt able to find a pattern for you to replicate, but out of 10 at least one person would splatter, guess it should manifest in time? :) It was especially bad in the criminal activity where you encounder Yelena Sidorova - the portion under the walkway and the scaffoldings triggered this effect pretty often.

most of the time when you turn off a security system from a terminal (PC) after having used it, the cameras stay on
You get to a terminal, open it and start up the security portion to access cameras in an area, you take a look through the camera lenses to mark enemies, exit the camera view and turn them off, then you get out thinking you have one less thing to worry about and all of a sudden the cameras still watch you. Sometimes this affects hacking as well (you cant access Friendly mode, because the camera is tagged as turned off and you have to turn it on remotely to turn it friendly), but this is not a rule (happens sporadically).

mini-map needs to zoom out when you enter a car so you can better prepare for turns
This one is more-or-less on me, as I mostly miss turns when there are new messages (don't text and drive, right?), however very often you have less than a second to react to a turn, especially when youre travelling on something fast. Sometimes this results in V running people over and the police being triggered, which could be easily avoided if the mini-map just zoomed out or if you received the info a curve is coming up ahead of time.

throwing a knife should either not destroy the knife, or you should be able to stack them/have a dedicated Throwing Knife item
There is a feat in the "Stealth" tree of the "Cool" attribute called "Dagger dealer" which lets you throw knives, but when you throw it the knife is gone. Now I know that not throwing that nice elite "Tanto" knife should be common knowledge, I just find it strange that the knife just *poof*s out of existence. :) I get that this mechanic is supposed to make the game a little bit more difficult, but if you wanted to throw another knife you have to go back to the inventory and re-equip another knife. Then you throw that and have to go back to the inventory ........ The options that would help are to either be able to pick up the knife (it could appear in the targets inventory, maybe stay stuck where you threw it to if you want to be fancy, but that would take further graphical work and .... lets just say your devs worked hard enough and have it spawn in the inv is enough), let us equip a stack of knifes or add another equippable ammo type, unlocked once you unlock the skill and called "throwing knife".

there is no real need to be able to mark corpses and containers
This is pretty much just my detailism flaring up, please feel free to ignore it. :) The thing is, that when an enemy is in front of, lets say a speaker (an interactable object you can hack or shoot for an effect, either with red or orange environment color) and try to tag the enemy, then if you dont aim too well it may happen you tag the speaker instead. I understand that it may be advantageous to tag certain environmental objects (ones you can create a distraction with), however marking a corpse or container is barely ever useful (the ones linked to the task youre doing are tagged with a quest marker anyway and corpses show up on the map most of the time. Those who do not carry white quality stuff anyway. As for containers - yes those dont show up on the map and it may be advantageous to tag a purple/blue chest so you dont forget about it, but still - a replacement to that could be to just do a thorough scan of the combat area once it is not hostile anymore.) Ill leave this one to you - I get why you have given V the ability to tag these things, my personal oppinion however is that tagging them is not THAT important.

charged jumps are not possible after reloading (gotta do a normal jump first)
Lets say you have V enter combat and they die. Then you reload and go "ok this time Ill try to go up first", you charge up your jump, release the jump button and .... nothing. V keeps doing whatever he/she was doing and not jumping. Then you do a normal jump - works. Then you try to charge the jump again - worked that time. This happens every time I reload a game.

Thank you for your attention, the list was a bit long but I hope my criticism can be considered constructive.

Cheers and a happy holiday!
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