A subtle change to give more depth to crafting and weapon customization with already existing assets (probably just return a cut feature)

So I always thought that weapon customization in the game got cut like in Titanfall's
In that game, 1 weapon could be modified in many forms (SMG-AR-SNIPER, etc) but got cut, and only left are many weapons that look similar to other weapons

that's why D-5 has too similar weapons that are pretty the reskin version of itself
one being power other being smart

probably in the development, there is something like my suggestion here but got cut
anyway I just give you my idea here

first thing first the in-depth custom should be something only done using tools like a working bench,
which should available in the player's safehouse (give players some reason to go home more than storage and sleeping) and some other place around the city (give players some reason to explore the world to find them)

or the function that is available at weapons shops (or just shops in general) as well, maybe the shop could modify and make weapons from the schematic that are higher than the player's crafting skill but charge players money for it (Give the player a choice to not invest in crafting skill just to craft legendary weapon)


Now the weapon itself could be modified to be more than it already is,
like D-5 for example

maybe base CORE FUNCTION is POWER WEAPON (as the placeholder image shows)
but the CORE FUNCTION can be modified to SMART WEAPON or TECH WEAPON

and the option for this idea has 2 ways of execution in my mind so far
- CORE FUNCTION is always changeable whenever players using workbench
- CORE FUNCTION MOD are items to be crafted or looted for the specific one
example D-5 TECH CORE FUNCTION MOD only works for D-5 only
or POWER CORE FUNCTION MOD that universal use by any weapons like most of the mod except optic and muzzle


with this DEV team could give players a double amount of new weapons that simply just reskin and modify the status

and in the quick dirty but get the job done fashion DEV team could just make the one size fit all for each category instead of making specific for each gun

The animations would even don't have to change too (Since both D-5s are sharing animations)

now players would get a lot of new weapons by just using already existing assets


I also think about the balance issue of some weapons that could be too powerful
So maybe all SMG and AR would become SEMI-AUTOMATIC when using TECH CORE FUNCTION MOD,
And for LMG with SMART CORE FUNCTION MOD should have a long wind-up time before shooting to compensate large ammo count

Anyway, the ICONIC WEAPONS should not be able to modify their core functions just take the same like it was so it worth collectible


also the modding CORE FUNCTION could be used further to modify melee weapons

hope this could make the DEV team's job easier,
thanks in advance
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Honestly, could work. Though I would say they should incorporate multiple sets of modular attachments, more distinct from the bespoke weapons (like the sidewinder)
Honestly, could work. Though I would say they should incorporate multiple sets of modular attachments, more distinct from the bespoke weapons (like the sidewinder)
well as I see some weapons designs of 2077 on ART STATIONS it seems like the creator already made weapons with changeable more parts like these I mentioned in mind
maybe it was possible to be something similar to this but need to cut around the corner to make the deadlines
This could be a great addition but what we really need is more character customization features chief among them being the ability to wear watches, bracelets and necklaces. The mod doesn’t cut it for me BC it’s only for female Vs and I’m a male plus I mean it’s something that should just be in the game to begin with.
This is a fantastic suggestion to be honest. Crafting would be a lot more fun that way. Also, a clear/detailed marker/metadata for the crafted weapon would be nice as in when it was crafted and such.

I do agree with you, it probably was a cut content due to time barrier, all the mechanics seem to be there in the game.

Also, all players end up using the same 2/3 weapons anyway. Those who want to go in guns blazing have very little choice in the matter because most weapons dont feel very usable/efficient, so a few more weapons for each of Rifles, SMGs, Snipers, pistols, shotguns, heavies would be really nice because a new weapon, all by itself, adds a few hours of gameplay for each player just to check it out. It seems to be a low cost high value addition to the game. Which applies for cars as well.
Crafting in Cyberpunk2077 definitely felt very lacking and you could really feel as if more than half of it was cut prior to release. I would definitely love to have a more indepth crafting system where we could make our own modifications. I mean, we have a complete room in V's apartment with workbench and displays yet the only use for it is as a stash and to display a very specific set of weapons.

It would definitely be awesome if CDPR could expand upon that. If not for Patch 1.7 then maybe for the upcoming expansion in 2023.
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