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Act 2 mist glitch. Can't get to Vergen

Act 2 mist glitch. Can't get to Vergen

Hi all

I'm new here and just playing through W2 for the first time because I really want to play 3. I'm on Xbox One and hit a total road block with the main story mission "Blood curse".

I've seen a few other posts about this same issue but non have an answer that has worked for me. I've reloaded every save file I have and every one has this glitch where I can't get through the fog I just get loaded back to the canyon in battelfield and then if I try and get to Vergen again none of it loads properly no NPC's means no progression which means the entire game is broken I'd have to restart from scratch.

Does anyone know if there's a solution to this? I would REALLLY love to finish the game and play 3