Add option to turn off portable ''Radioport''

Some might appreciate the new feature but it's not for me and I'd like to revert back to the default settings (radio in vehicle only). Personally I dislike it very much having to turn off the radio everytime I exit my car/motorcycle.

CDPR please add this option/toggle to the game.
In general I like the idea of having the option listening to music on foot… but the execution is not that great even more with the bug/fact that it starts to play randomly on itsself while you have already turned it off… or the fact that it doesn’t stay on your chosen station but takes a random station every time you enter a new vehicle…

a toggle for those who simply dislike it would be nice tho yeah…
I don't care that it exists, I don't want it and I'd never willingly use it, but it infuriates me that this shit keeps playing every single time that I get out of a car. I assume this is a bug and I'd not, yes please add a toggle to turn it off completely.
My biggest issue is that this implementation led to the inability to toggle the radio station when in the car, by a single button click.

Also, I also have no idea why someone from the dev side thought that binding the radio port to Z, that is already used for other stuff, is a good idea.

Ideally, you want both the car and walking versions to use the same button, but unfortunately that clashses with R used for reload.

I personally moved the radio port button to 5, so it is close to R for cars.
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