After +- 15 games and a couple patches - my thoughts

After +- 15 games and a couple patches - my thoughts

As the title says - I've played quite a bit of games before giving feedback.
The Witcher Adventure Game, or as I short it, TWAG, is when it comes to mechanics of the base gameplay, quite a good game. Yesterday evening, after someone lost their connection in an 1-vs-1 game, instead of quitting I decided to continue and test the strenghts of the character I had at that moment (Geralt). Which also gave me insight in the state of the game as-of without possible bugs from being connected.

The game, when you take out the connection, is very, very solid. In over 40 turns I played 'solo', I didn't encounter any bug at all as far as I could detect.
When the game however is connected to others, plenty of bugs can and often will happen with the most recent build. Ranging from freezing (mostly midgame, but last week even once an freeze at the rolling of the dices for determing the player order?!!), sudden disconnections (sometimes due to a bad connection from the player, more often an sudden DC while the internet is alright from the DCed player), to counting glitches. The game is also way more prone to crash when alt-tabbing when it's not your turn, to spend the time waiting for the others.
One time by the way the verification suddenly blocked me, I had to relaunch the game.

The game pace needs maybe a little tweak (bit faster), but it mostly depends on other players. And considering everything you need to consider while playing at times, I can understand it sometimes takes a bit longer.
There are some things however which do need to be changed for during the game:
- Interactivity. Besides the chat, there is few players can do to interact with each other. I've had often enough (luckily?) that I could spend that time usefull by being a guide for new players, but it needs to be more then that.
- Balancing. Geralt is kinda OP. He's very easy to use, doesn't have maintenance costs besides the charging of Petri's Philter at times (I exclude that 'wound for power' thing because it just is plain bad), and can reach incredible power heights (with 3 swords, 3 shields, 2 signs and 1 use of Petri's, he can get up to 10/10). Also, due to this he can excel both in short as well as longer games.
Dandelion can be OP - if you have some luck. In short games, he tends to be a bit underwhelming because getting enough money and development cards can be a bit tricky while his cards are +1 or +2 powers mostly. In medium and long games, he can rock if you've got an sufficient supply of both money and development cards without losing sight of the leads/proofs.
Yarpen - he's thé long game runner. Short games, he plays relative nice too, but he suffers from the need to charge up in about the same way as Dandelion, with the exception he doesn't rely on gold but on boosts from his special ability, which can charge just 2 at a time - while Dandelion can charge infinite times in a same turn, depending on his amount of gold, and Dandelion can charge 1 card multiple times in the same turn, which Yarpen cannot. Yarpen's special property of 2 free 'Place your wounds here'-slots make him ideal for longer runs, since you can go on without having to worry too quickly about wounds. (Well, it's ideal for any type of game, but in my experience most for longer games)
Triss. I have to admit, her development cards are powerfull. BUT. They've got the major disadvantage of having just 1 charge, and that Triss' special ability lets her charge just 1 card. In short games, if you pull the more powerfull cards, winning with her is about childs play. Longer games? That charge in general kills any chance of winning. She needs a sort of boost for longer games.

When it comes to pre-game issues - there is the fact that matchmaking, if way more people would play this game, is going to be a crime. It should be possible to say 'hey, I want to group together with X' in case you want to play in a full game while not having enough people for an private full game.
The tutorial needs to be more extensive - a lot of new players who are getting lost and needs lots of explanation.
Also, that promised single player would be handy to be available for testing before public release of the game ^^

Current verdict: very promising game, but it seriously needs to fix some issues which are mostly related to the game seemingly being oversensitive to network spikes, alt-tabbing etc.
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It's in the short term that shows how OP or weak a character is (ex: yarpen, dandelion).
In the long term the game itself provides for every situation, allowing each character to cope.

Yarpen is very powerful in the short-term and strong in the other two.
All those points made show he is frugal & efficient, very quick to roll-out in a short game or take an early lead in a long game.

Dandelion only becomes a threat in long games - it's too random/lucky/expensive to achieve a short-term power position.

Game does feel slow paced, an optional turn timer (like the HoMM games) is appropriate.
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