All Cyberpunk 2077 saves on Epic Games' Cloud Saves are lost. All of them were played through Geforce Now.

I purchased Cyberpunk 2077 through Epic Games in the past year and played it from beginning to end on the Geforce Now (GFN) platform. I never used a local PC. Instead, I subscribed to paid GFN services between the Japan and Singapore servers, and sometimes even jumped to the European server. During my time playing, Epic's Cloud Saves worked seamlessly for 1.5 years. All of my save progress was synchronized across all GFN servers in different countries.

Until recently, I had saved over 200 manual saves on Epic's Cloud Saves. My last playing on the Singapore GFN server was in June 2023.
The disaster happened when I tried to start playing again after patch 2.0 was released, around last September. When I opened the game in the Singapore GFN server, as usual Epic asked me whether I wanted to use the local data or Cloud Saves data. I always chose the Cloud Saves data this whole time (of course, that was the only way to make the saves synchronized among all devices).
The game then was launched. But to my surprise, not a single save was downloaded on the "Load Game" list! And there was no "Continue" option, only "New Game."

To investigate, I finally installed the game on my local PC, and when running it via the Epic Games Launcher, the message "Cloud Sync" appeared. However, the result was the same - no data save was found. I checked the "C:\Users\Myprofile\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077" folder, but it was also empty. When I contacted Epic Support to check the existence of data in my Cloud Saves on their server, they said that they did not have access to the player's Cloud Saves data.

I suspect that my data on Epic's Cloud Saves disappeared due to one of two possible causes.
1. Epic's Cloud Save server may have suddenly crashed, causing certain data to disappear. Or,
2. When the GFN server updated the game to version 2.0, there may have been a mechanism that caused local save data on the GFN server (which could be empty after a fresh installation) to be uploaded to the Epic Games server and overwrite the existing save data, resulting in an empty Cloud Saves.

Do you think I can still get back the progress I've made so far (more than 200 manual saves and 100 hours of playing time)? I don't know if this is the right place to ask since it involved many parties (Epic, GFN, and the game itself). But who knows if some of you might give me insight.
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