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AMA with Paweł Burza — March 14th, 5PM CET!



AMA with Paweł Burza — March 14th, 5PM CET!

This Wednesday is International Ask a Question Day! To celebrate, we will be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Paweł Burza — CD PROJEKT RED’s Certified Leek Manager.

Drop by our English forums on March 14th, 5PM CET and look for a dedicated thread in the NEWS section — Paweł will be answering your questions until 7PM CET.

Keep in mind, the AMA will be held in English.


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Will round wins work in arena too? I hope they will since you are winning rounds, and you don't get the daily rewards if you don't do ladder.
Thank you !
Have a great day ! :cheers:
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1) why SPORES card is still in game???? worst card design everrr (even worse than :hmm: and :boredom:!)!!! and it clogs whispering hillock's cardpool! very often! (this is veiled hint to delete it from gaaaaame)

2) can you invite SWIM for balance consultant work???? SWIIIIIIIIIM

3) ANY CHANCE coinflip probleeeeem (main balance problem anyway) will be fixed (ddd) ???? MAKE THEM

4) my friend played 200 hours and he have only1/6 of all golds and half of other cards. Such pattern is approximately for most of players i thinkkkk. The more cards you add, the worse for beginners, and the system of scraps is the same as a year ago, when the cards were much smaller in amount. I have 900+ hours and have all cards + i need 4 more golds. Maybe this is too much time. Any chance it will be changeddd to collect faster?? (heartstone is not excuse!)
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Dear Burza, my respects man! and for all the gwent team! I have just one problem with this game : Will commons be more common in this game? This will help us to complete the collection faster. now I saw Super Skovoroda wrote a similar opinion and I think the distribution of rarity of the cards is the main problem.
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Hey Burza! Firstly, good job all the guys at the CDPR. specially the artwork is top notch.
I would like to ask;

1. are you going to rework cards like Serrit which is a worse case of Elites? The rework on Treason was really nice btw.
2. can u make make locks good again? (with maybe armor or quen) cause right now nobody plays lock, as it is punishing (Tempo wise - consider droping a 7 str aucks) and it is jus easier to zap or viper witcher the cards, so most engines are impossible to work with; hence the game is getting to the point where it is jus who can put more numbers on the board each turn, and very little snowball potenital.
3.please introduce more cards to complete archetypes like Relict decks, Moonlight and etc.

Thanks again,
You guys are the bests


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One of you guys used to wear a T-shirt with Ciri on it, will it be available in the shop?
Will be there premium keg promotions and/or half price transmuting in the future too? I missed both of them.:sadtriss:


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Hi Burza. I have two questions:
1) Can you add a Daily reward?
2) Please, can you make a Renfri card?
Thanks and sorry for my english :cheers:
Have a nice day


Kingoko;n10654161 said:
Guys this is not thread to ask questions lol. There will be dedicated thread in news soon for that
True. However, thanks to the arcane powers of transmigration, when the dedicated thread arrives, someone just possibly might be able to shift these existing questions over there. . . . No promises, though.
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Hi Burza,
What exactly is the plan for Mac (and Linux)? I (and a lot of people) really want a Mac version


Hi Pavko (Burza),
Great work with the game and all the week in gwent videos. Despite what people might say, the current meta is one of the most diverse we've seen in the game.

1. When is the premium Pavko card with Burza voice-over coming? I've been saving powder for that.
2. When mid-winter update was released, rethaz said in a reddit reply that quen will come back in the future. Now you say that the core set is complete, so does this mean that quen is never coming back as a part of the base set?



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Dear Burza, i'll leave my questions here since i will be at work during the AMA (sigh) hence i will not be able to post them at that time. I hope you'll read them and answer them if possible.

1) Are you guys considering solutions for the coinflip problem? And if yes what did you tried (just to get an idea)?
2) Will you fix the mulligan bug? for reference:
3) ETA on new expansion and his theme? Also will it comes with a new keg type?
4) ETA on thronebreaker?
5) What are the dev's intentions regarding create, which is hated a lot by the hardocore gwent's players?
6) Can we expect improvements on the UI?
7) Why arena don't progress the daily quest and daily round progress? And can it change in the future?
8) Speaking of arena, it's possible to get a kind of keg ticket as a reward so you can redeem it in exchange of any kind of keg instead of the "classic" one (if more kegs are going to hit the game)?
9) Is a new game mode in the work, and if yes can we get an hint on what it will be?
10) Will you guys ever make Kambi and Queensguards playable?
11) There will be any new kind of event (other than faction challenges and single player mini adventures) in future?
12) Titles, bords and avatar (especially the hard ones to get) will be available again in the future for those that wants to collect them?
13) Will we see more board options, like for example class specific ones (etc...)?
14) Can we expect a fix in the end of the game section when a player forfeit?


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Dear BURZA, I apologize for my English. Here are my questions:

1) Will there be any changes to the issue of the first move?

I suggest adding to the player's hand a second card with the following properties:
Play the unit card from your hand and strength it by 4 stats. If the card has been discarded, remove the random card from your hand. You can not mix a card into a deck.

2) ProLadder. Is it possible to reduce the number of games in the prodlader to unlock the maximum MMR so that the overall MMR is more dependent on the percentage of wins than on the number of games?

P.S. The problem with the mulligan really exists.


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Hello ,Pavel .
​​​​I have a lot of questions ,and I am ready to ask them.1)Do you have any plans for Lionhead spider cult? 2) What about new content ,like Mahakam ale festival ? 3) Items for Kiyan (NR) 4) Rebalance old cards and one new (Roche :Merciless ). Waiting for answers :look: [h=1][/h]


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Pls remove alchemy tag from beer and make slave driver create cards from oponent faction not his deck.
and elven scout disloyal