Anisotropic filtering

No, it is one of the few but most glaring missing graphical features in that game. You can (and IMO should) force it through your driver software though:

AMD: Catalyst Control Centre (or Radeonpro) > 3D Application Settings > Add... (Add witcher2.exe and change anisotropic filtering mode and level to override application settings)

Nvidia: Nvidia Control Panel > 3D Application Settings > Find the Witcher 2 (or add it) and change Anisotropic Filtering to override application settings
Yes you can enable anistropic filtering through each of the Control panels for the respective card you have . The thing to remember about that filtering though is that the higher the setting the more performance impact you`ll see .
There's a hidden value for "AF enabled". This may (or may not) work better than forcing AF in driver settings.

Got to the config file (Documents/Witcher2/Config/User.ini) and set Ubersampling to 1.

Setting it to 2 actually enables the Ubersampling effect while 1 is Anisotropic.

AF is bound up with DOF in this engine, and enabling AF without defeating DOF may give results that are less than expected.
Quick question: By "defeating DOF" do you mean disabling? So I should disable DOF if trying AF? Thanks in Advance!
Quick question: By "defeating DOF" do you mean disabling? So I should disable DOF if trying AF? Thanks in Advance!

Sort of; if you try AF with DOF enabled and the results are unsatisfactory, try leaving AF on and disabling DOF.
Sadly not, TW2's AF is tied to Ubersampling and forcing through driver doesn't work properly, only covers certain surfaces while ignoring others.
I'm not sure, but I keep it at 1 anyway for the placebo effect it may possibly have >_>
It doesn't harm the performance anyway
Another question (somewhat related to AF since it might eat a little more vram): Is setting the memory budget to 3000 problematic? I ask because Skyrim uses it's 32 bit memory allocation limit for it's textures too, causing crashes if not using ENBoost (which offloads those textures to a separate process)
No it's not a problem. Just remember to set it to atleast 500mb less than your total GPU VRAM.
Guys, can I enable anisotropic filter in The Witcher 2?

Yes, if you run it on Linux with Nvidia drivers at least (didn't try to play it on other systems). It can override global OpenGL settings for anisotropic filtering. But I didn't test really how thoroughly it affects the result.
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No it's not a problem. Just remember to set it to atleast 500mb less than your total GPU VRAM.

This is actually both too pessimistic and too optimistic ;)

The GPU footprint is not the size of the VRAM. It consists of some number of apertures that are mapped to resources and backing stores that the GPU is reading or writing at the time. Even high-end cards don't have a footprint so large as a gigabyte. So in most cases there's no problem with raising user memory to 3GB.

But TW2 won't use the added memory. It won't take up more than 2GB, and it keeps itself on a really strict diet. So when it's running in a 2GB user space, pretty much everything else gets paged out and it has all the memory it needs.
I added the large address aware flag just to be sure. Maybe the game just unloads textures very efficiently. I'll keep the texture budget at 2400 just to be safe. This should be more then enough when 600 was "very high" to begin with and it leaves lots of room for game logic. Some dx9 games allocate lots of "invisible" memory on system components it uses, that's why e.g. Skyrim was said to have a 3.1 gb limit, it really was hitting the 4gb limit.
I just tried to test different combinations of CCC AF x16/disabled and ubersampling=1/0. The CCC AF seems to work on the walls of the Keyran region of the city in act 1 but only if ubersampling is set to 0. Ubersampling=1 seems to do nothing for me. In the shots it's very noticeable. There are some slight lighting differences, I think that is due to the ingame time of day.
Another matter: The shadow lod really looks quite horrible, is there a way to turn it up? I already doubled spot and cube shadow sizes from ultra but this doesn't seem to have an effect on the shadow lod.
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