Armor glitches

Not sure if this would even be addressed, on the ban ard breastplate armor there are straps with little metal plates covering the elbows. When you equip and glove the plates disappear but the straps remain. Normally I would assume this was intentional since there a bunch of armors that look more cool when not wearing gloves or shoes even (namely any armored leggings and some chest armors that have elements disappear when using gloves or boots). However, the straps are still there on the inside of the arms and were the plates are supposed to be is a weird looking shadow that makes it look like the plates are supposed to be there.


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When did you notice this? For how long have you been experiencing it?
Since the latest 4.01 patch?
When did you notice this? For how long have you been experiencing it?
Since the latest 4.01 patch?
i only equipped the ban ard armor after patch 4.01 so that is when I noticed it. I am unable to say if it happened before or not unfortunately
The un-upgraded wolven witcher gear trousers have an interesting thing where if you just have the pants equipped with no boots the pants are a darker brown color, then once you equip boots or anything else they change color to a brighter brown color to match the gloves etc. Just wondering what the point is? do people really wear pants in this game without any boots for geralt just to have the different look?

Another thing I noticed with the same armor set is that if you equip the gloves without a shirt on it will only render the gloves and not the arm guard (which I kind of like actually) but then when you equip any torso piece it comes back.

Again, I'm just wondering if this was intentional or not. It seems there are lots of boots/gloves that always render with some arm guard thing or leg wrap. to be honest, I think I would prefer many of these armor pieces (torso, legs gloves, boots etc.) without these extra wrap pieces that eliminate some sort of cool element to the armor piece that would be there otherwise.
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