Assassin's Creed: Origins - The most boring RPG (?)


Did you like AC: Origins?

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Yes, I'm playing AC: Origins and it's sooooo boring...

First, I'd like to highlight its good aspects, because there's something good in that game:
-graphics, only second to RDR2 for open-world games, water is even better
-reconstruction of ancient Egypt, the map is pretty empty but in a realistic way, it really feels like you're there
-bayek's running animation (4 different speeds depending on stick's inclination, great)
-combat system (far from being perfect, but it's not bad)
-voice acting in a lot of languages (english is way better than my mothertongue's VO, though)
-we finally have a "new desmond" giving sense to the animus stuff and templar vs assassins in present time (not that good though)
-tourist mode

What doesn't work:
-drone-eagle, the most stupid mechanic I've ever seen in any videogame, it's not even narratively justified
-game feeling like a continuous matching between character's level, equipment's level and missions' levels
-AC's signature weapon: hidden blade mechanic: if the enemy is 2 level higher than you a stealthy blade in his throath doesn't kill him
-enemies' AI both when in open combat (they jump and fall from stairs for no reason) and stealth
-DMG-sponge enemies
-the world being truly open but you can't explore since enemies are way stronger than you, making the open-world mechanic wrong (it's not open if you can't explore)
-narrative is boring, in particular when it comes to side-quests. Also very annoying when you kill a major objective and a "visionary" cutscene starts (if you played the game you know what I'm talking about).

The game puts you in a very realistic world, it makes you feel like you are there, able to explore and to "live it", but then it makes everything possible to continuously break the immersion. Narrative is lacking, but you are forced to do boring side quests (ALL quests are "go there, kill that guy", all of them) to match main quest missions' levels and it goes on all the game through. Side quests concepts are fine with the medjay role but - as seen in other games - are not coherent with main quest.
The game is so boring that I can't play it more than 1 hour in a row and I'm forcing myself to finish it only because I paid for it. Game mechanics are old and MMO-ish and it's such a pity because the world-building is excellent (like in 99% of ubisoft's games) and combat system is not even bad, at the point that Origins could have been an excellent game if they did things right.

It's clear that Origins was deeply inspired by TW3's success, but it failed where CDPR's masterpiece shone and amplified its flaws instead of fixing them, resulting in it being just an ugly copy with no soul or innovation.

I don't even want to talk about microtransactions in a single-player game, it's still ubisoft we're talking about.

What did you guys think? Have you played it?
I played origins and it's not and amazing game, but is a step foward for ubisoft. Pro Points
-A good protagonist , finally someone interesting as Ezio
- Graphics
- Quests are not so boring, some of them are interesting.
-The new RPG gameplay is better, now you actually play more careful.
-AYA is a badass and you really feel the connection between she and Bayek
-Voice acting is not so bad

but is not a perfect game, and you must understand that AC is not an story rich game like W3 , is a different genre. i liked it i.
So yes, Ac Origins is good when you want to play some other type of game which is not story focused. (By the way, story kinda lame, but Bayek's voice actor did an amazing performance. He an aya )
From my point of view, it's not really an RPG as there are no real choices that would shape the main character. Besides, these days it's kind of normal, that Action-Adventures come with a few RPG elements but that doesn't necessarily mean they are RPG's. That being said, Odyssey feels a lot more like an RPG.

Anyhow, I liked Origins, even though it was way too easy. But to be honest, I don't really need open world and choices in an Assassin's Creed game.
It's so uncanny, I was actually checking it out more in-depth these past couple days.

Feel like it would hit the spot right now.
...but is not a perfect game, and you must understand that AC is not an story rich game like W3 , is a different genre.

I want to respond to this part not so much as a direct argument against the thought as it applies to AC: Origins, but rather as it applies to the entire Assassin's Creed franchise. And that's the problem. Franchising. More...and more...and more.

Assassin's Creed could have been what The Witcher Series became. Nothing was stopping it. The story concept was absolutely engrossing. It was like the best parts of the Thief series, the X-Files, and a kick-ass, historical drama / action film all rolled into one. I was psyched -- psyched -- at the end of Assassin's Creed 1, and really digging into Assassin's Creed 2's merging of the historical events and modern-day events. (Basically, I really thought that Desmond was going to start gaining an assassin's abilities because his mind was so used to existing in that mode. That we'd eventually start going on modern missions where Desmond was beginning to get his body to catch up to his mind, eventually becoming a reincarnation of Altair, Ezio, and whoever else happened to be a part of his genetic ancestry. I was psyched.

Then, the series went the way of Lost. It took all of its strengths, and rather than realizing the amazing story they were telling, they attempted to continue dragging it out more...and more...and more. Because: money. And that's really poor. (No pun intended.)

What was necessary is that it needed to end. It needed to resolve its narrative. And, seemingly, there is no intention to do so.

You're absolutely right that, nowadays, Assassin's Creed is not the same type of game. Not any more. It so could have been. But not.

(Therefore, meh. We got Black Flag out of the deal! :cool:)
AC is about as style over substance as gaming gets. It's a shame because the historical fiction genre can be a ton of fun. On a previous thread discussing IPs we wish CDPR had, I said they'd be the perfect match for the AC franchise. Providing they did away with yearly installments, in-game purchases, and virtually everything Ubisoft does in favor of work that benefits the story and characters.
Still, better Mass Effect game than ME: Andromeda :)
I actually prefer andormeda to this. I mean, I didn't like andormeda, but I managed to finish it with no particular problem (still boring, but at least some main quest missions were "cinematic" enough to be interesting). But now with origins... it feels like a korean f2p MMO but with good melee combat system and nice graphics... "go there, kill the guy (he's bad, he deserves it), loot everything pushing the button here and there, change lvl 5 sword with lvl 6 spear (but not the lvl 9 hammer because it's level gated and you don't match it), unlock attacks for the drone-eagle, rinse and repeat". And the worst thing is that these are not "secondary" quests, you are forced to complete them in order to match main quest level, they're not optional as a secondary quest should be. Goddamn. The best part of the game is just exploring egypt doing nothing...

It would have been much better if they did 1/4 of the quests but each was deeper. And optional, secondary quests need to be optional.
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I broke with Ubisoft when AC:Liberation crashed on my Vita and it was unfixable.
Finished playing AC Origins last week and it was a good game. Look's amazing but the side quest's are boring, i didn't feel a connection with Bayek but i still enjoyed playing the game mainly due to the graphics.

Still doens't come close to the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and it look's like Rockstar didn't do enought with RD2 to take the crown from The Witcher 3 when it comes to triple AAA game.
I don't even consider F76 an RPG, but an MMO and I will never play it, I'm pretty much done with bethesda game studio's shit.
From my point of view: AC - big budget soulless crap. Always was. Always will be.

it is a good average game with an average story with an excellent map and excellent culture but 60 dollars are way too much. I bought it for 25 or 30 i think.
Also in AC if you don't like the politics then every game will feel "boring"

edit: lol i idiot clicked "no"
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it is a good average game with an average story with an excellent map and excellent culture but 60 dollars are way too much. I bought it for 25 or 30 i think.
Also in AC if you don't like the politics then every game will feel "boring"

edit: lol i idiot clicked "no"
They will need to pay me to make me play it.
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