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Assire won't let me put cards back in deck

Assire won't let me put cards back in deck

Title says it all. It doesn't happen often, but often enough that it's lost me a couple of games.
If there are any non-gold cards in either graveyard Assire causing problems is unusual. What exactly happens, when she does that? Can you continue the game, or does it freeze? Did you press a specific button that might have caused that issue?
Not sure what's causing it, I don't push anything besides A to play her. The card just hovers over the board as if it was waiting for me to make a selection in my graveyard, but it doesn't show me anything. I can still look at my cards and graveyard like normal but Assire only gets played then timer runs out and the game continues like normal.
It's happening a lot with me too... I can't put the cards back and the time goes on... The game not freezes, after the time runs over, the game continue normally
It happened to me as well, I reported to support in March and they replied they were already aware of the issue. It hasn't been fixed yet apparently.