Attention to Detail

Details on the clothes and fabrics, cyberware, character designs (even random NC people), V's apartment (the general mess, alcohol, bathroom decals and so on).

And Nibbles. Look at this uncooked chicken:

When it comes to scenery, my favorite attention to detail is the Joshua trees in the desert landscape. While I gripe that where they say Night City exists makes it all-but-entirely impossible that they'd exist in such abundance irl (at least not naturally), I grew up where they really do exist in Southern California. Don't get me started on the saguaros.

It gives me such a nostalgic, at home feeling when I'm walking though the desert seeing the Joshuas. I grew up with views almost identical to the view in the second screenshot. I straight up feel like I'm at home, so kudos to them for that!
I remember during the intro of my first play through there was a glitched out data pad floating above the sidewalk. I manage to get close enough in photo mode to see the stock market tickers on it. I was really impress with the level of visual detail. If only they had been so meticulous with the game mechanics and AI.
I do not know if this counts as "detail" but the game mechanics they made for parkour is WONDERFUL! SO intuitive to jump Caty Conner over to a lamp pole and pull yourself up on it! No ridiculous finger and keyboard dancing required! This may be the first game in history were I enjoy platforming!

Edit: once I squirreled my way up onto the top of a building were I could see light coming up from a sky window from another building I was in on the same street. I shot out the glass and dropped down into the building. Stole a bunch of random stuff then realized HOW the heck am I going to get out with all the doors locked! I was able to eventually climb various protrusions in the room on the walls to get out! This was a quest building I was not suppose to be in yet so I KNOW the DEV did not intend that to happen. Which made it so much more fun.
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So much attention to detail in this game at times.
Hot metal dripping from an armor piercing round, entry and exit hole. NPC's tripping on their mates.
Concrete will break realistically around the impact point of the bullet. Almost everything reacts to your bullets.
Every car has a detailed engine compartment. The overhead lights come on if you turn off your lights during night time
when in first person view. NPC's will power walk away instead of run if you're doing something sus apposed to outright
psychotic. NPC's also make a surprised/startled expression when throwing them from their car. They also make a funny "screw off pal" expression if you stare at them in their car. So many details.
The point is not the content of the tag, the point is that someone spent time into putting such a smaller detail even in a place where it's really unlikely for some one to look at.
CTRL+C then CTRL+V isn't "spending time into a smaller detail."
It almost takes literally 2 minutes.
The amount of detail in the game is just mind-boggling, from items through car & weapon design all the way to Cyberpunk 2020 PnP lore references.

The moment when the attention to detail hit me most was when I discovered...

you can go back to the landfill and Dex's body will still be there, ready for you to loot it for a legendary weapon with eddies as ammo. You can also find Rache Bartmoss in the freezer right next to it. I mean...the actually cared to do it all, instead of just going "quest closed, despawn Dex's body and move on"

It's just mind blowing stuff, honestly. And that's just a tip of an iceberg.

^ I can't believe I never thought of doing that. And with all the exploration I did do...
It would be nice if they put better damage physics on vehicles and your surroundings.
Its a hit and miss. In some areas they spend their time and others it just seem like they got lazy or as others would say not have enough time to finish.
There's plenty of small detailed items that I find myself stopping to appreciate often like shared already.

I could post many, but probably one of my most favorite attention to detail items is just vehicles in general.

I didn't really pay much attention to this game in pre-release material, so a lot of aspects about the cars surprised me and I was not expecting them to be as detailed as they are in terms of interior and exterior.

The Rayfield Aerondight S9 is my favorite car in the game and I am just blown away by the craftsmanship on it down to even the smallest details. Two things I want:

- More luxury vehicle designs under this brand in the future.

- Have a nice chat with all of the artists involved with the vehicle design in this game.







The fact that you can find out what happened to the gang member from the 6th Street gang who threatened Padre with a gun when you first drove with him

His name is (or was) Sam Carter and you can find his dead body in one of the back alleys

This is what his shard says:

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Come on man, fixing bugs and technical side of a game isn't obviously a job that everyone in a videogame company is going to be doing.. are you complaining that artists did their job and saying that that their work is meaningless just because you don't care about it? You think that artists or for example audio designers are going to fix bugs? I think their job at the company and games is something completely different
Come on man, you're better than that

I don't blame individuals working on the game. I bet they are talented people.
But their work IS meaningless because of the whole scheme. They worked hard (graphics are good, music is very good) but for what ?

You can have a great carpenter, but it won't be sufficient for your house to be finished if the architect rushed his work, you know.

I can understand positivity is needed here but be assured no one is blaming artists or even individual programers.
The details are fantastic and it makes my inner perfectionist incredibly happy! :love:
I especially enjoyed the little details that were added to V's apartment (Misty's dreamcatcher and so on) after finishing the corresponding quests. It actually made me want to go home every now and then to check if there is some new stuff.

Light and landscape/cityscape ist amazingly done and made me stop in my tracks more than once.
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Say what you will about the NPC AI.

But I've just spent about 20 minutes on the coast in Watson sipping my RL coffee, it was early afternoon and it was bustling with crowds of people.

It was fantastic, when the AI routine works it's brilliant, people were sitting down chatting, smoking, drinking, using their note pads, arguing all naturally going from one activity to another.

I'm especially impressed that all the random NPC's have flowing hair physics (like WTF?!) and when they don't bug out they actually use the stairs properly, like foot to step properly :D.

Love it.
all bugs and missing content aside, I also have to admit that Night City is just beautiful....seriously, most time I spent ingame sofar goes to just looking at stuff. Only similar experiences for me were mass effect trilogy (I know, nothing fancy by todays sandarts but back then I just took my time to enjoy some of the scenery) and the Hub-areas in star citizen....
NPC characters (especially major ones) are full of details & unique traits indicative of their actual characterization. For examples:
+ Having character like Judy or Kerry littered with tattoos that blend naturally so well with skins, like actual tattoo colors that looks like years old age are very meticulous & know what tattoos actually looks IRL. Not includuing the many kind of symbolism in it. Not even most movies done this kind of things right btw hehe
+ the textures for fabrics of clothes in this games are very realistic imo. Also the actual fashion clothing that I think legit grounded & could be very much a thing IRL
+ little details of movements in animations like someone is groggy or suspicious or in-disbelief or confused or holding out anger etc. Player can see this "micro-expressions" of body language in a full blown heavy dialogues open world RPG game.
+ makeup shapes & colors in this game actually looks like a proper makeup LOL
+ details on weapons in this game also amazing, up there with some proper FPS focus AAA games.





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