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Basic Gwent question



Basic Gwent question

Is there an optimum number of cards I should have in my deck? Advice from the web says not too many otherwise your chances of getting a good hand would be lower, so how many should I have? 30? I have about 27 now. Still in White Orchard, I've bought all the cards I could.


I've always kept it to the minimum, which is 22. Never had any problems with this game. You're playing against a CPU anyway, which is not smart and can be outplayed if its deck is better. Later when you acquire a strong deck it's mostly all about brute-forcing it, no real need to think at that point.


I used minimum in my Northern and Nilfgaard decks (and later in Skellige). With Monsters and Elves I used around 30 cards to get better draws. Otherwise I ended up drawing too many similar cards at the beginning, which draws "friends" from your deck when you play one.


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I try to keep it as close to minimum as possible, like iCake. I've only ever used the DK deck as well. Simply try to thin your deck as much as you can while being smart about it.


Hayashi.226;n8511980 said:
One more question - can one change leader cards in a game, in between rounds?
Only prior to the game start, not in the middle of it.


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It probably depends on the faction you're using. It also depends on what cards you have in your deck. A simple general rule is this: When you play a lot of Gwent with a certain faction, you'll eventually notice that at the beginning of the game when you swap out two cards, you always are deciding to swap out certain cards when they come up. That's a sure sign you should take that card out of your deck.

For instance, I tried playing with the Skellige deck, and hypothetically the light berserkers can be quite powerful. But it just depends on so much (having a card that can convert them, and having multiple berserkers) that I realized that, despite their potential power, I was virtually always swapping them out.