Best mission in game.. GO..

Mine was a side quest where the aldecados were making a trade with the scavs and i just jumped there and didnt had any idea what was going on and because i helped the cados they actually recognised me and asked why am i there and my body skill mattered because the scavs wanted to cheat on the deal and i said im gonna beat the living crap out of any of them and actually they knew about what i did in some earlier mission... That was 2 min mission and left me with the best impression... THAT is what they told us that we gonna get and YET we got linear thing..
River's, rather fleshed out, has "oomph" and some rather good twists, you also pretty much go through almost all the mechanics the game previously shows, you hack, use bds, go shooty shooty or silent ninja if you want.

Although severly disgree with having only three options (it's almost just two anyway) for just two outcomes which kinda suck since they don't make that much sense.

The "Best" choice is not the "Right" choice.

Anything that blurs those lines of morality that aren't afraid to show you inevitable consequences and haven't been gamified are always wins in my book.
Delamain questline was a lot of fun, especially the end and options to resolve it. Pretty thought provoking and I'll admit that Silverhand kind of swayed my decision there.

But besides that, Happy Together was one of the small quests that I liked. Nothing that happens seems to majorly affect the game but it was the only one I failed, so far. Kind of served as a wake up call to check up on your friends a little more often.
In my case, it's something really small, but that made everything for me.
Spoiler :

One of the quests with Panam, you ride with her, and you can talk about Jackie at some point, but it isn't even a yellow choice, just a blue one, so you'd think it doesn't matter much right ? But then, later, when you drink in the honor of Scorpion, she said "....And to Jackie ! *
That's where i was sure that i wanted to romance her. Small, simple details, can often be the most importants ones
Instead of the best, I am going with the most impactful one for me. It is a GIG called Dirty Biz.
The missionis to get in into a building, and geta BD about killing a 12 year old boy, who is the son of a televangelist, so they can get closer to the killers. I went in, killed the guards and wenr into the office, where I found a middle aged man, with his son watching a BD. I interrupt them, and ask them about the BD. To my shock they do not know first which one I am looking for, as they have multiple ones with kids getting killed.
Of coursethey are trying to push away their responsibility. We are not making them, just selling them, there is a demand for these BDs and if not them, someone else would do it blah blah blah. When finally I get the BD, the quest says to leave, but I turn around and kill the father first. The son cries out for his father, but I shot him in the head as well.
Thinking back, should have only killed the son, and let the old dude alive. That would have been a more poetic justice.
Anyway, I have left the area get the money etc, but after that I had to take a break. It showed me how dark this world can be.
"Full Disclosure" was really cool. It's great to have news about Sandra which we saved in the prologue, even more so since we learn a bit about her and Night Corp. Best part is probably how paranoïd she is and the fact we can hack her protective turret to kill her...
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