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Beta End of Turn mechanic made more sense

I was trying something different yesterday with using SK Storm. Turns out, if you play it two turns before your last turn, you are LOSING one ticking, because the game ends in the moment both players play their last cards. When you have a Greatsword waiting for that tick - this may instantly lose you the game while if you'd put him on the board earlier (and I am not speaking about none-unitless deck in its purest form here, cause I am using a lot of units in this one).

How did it worked in Beta, someone would ask? When Oppo was playing his last card and you had to play your last with your next turn, Oppo didn't PASSED the Round, but instead was ending his turn, meaning that after your final play, game was jumping to his side of the board, if there was something to tick it ticked and than his turn was actually over, as was yours afterwards. Right now this is not happening, it feels really clunky and basically opens you for massive counterplays, which is minimizing variety in deck building in the process.

I don't know if this is an issue that someone else has noticed, I don't know if it is intentional (and what is the reason behind it), all I know is that it is REALLY counter-intuitive and can be brutally punishing.
How did it worked in Beta, someone would ask?
That's not the way I remember it. Quite the opposite, actually. In beta, end of turns effects didn't trigger at the end of the round, while now they do. However, in both cases it doesn't trigger effects on the opponent's side.
I am pretty sure the mechanic was like I explained it (or something very close to it), cause right now when the turns end and the thing does not trigger I feel confused and cheated.

I'll give you an example: if I play SK Storm last turn now, and Oppo does not have a card to play - it will not trigger. Didn't actually tried it, cause didn't occur to me last night, but I am pretty sure that this is what will happen. In Beta it would roll, I'm pretty sure of it.