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Black screen after loading a save, near the end of the game



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Black screen after loading a save, near the end of the game

I ended (saved) my game right after Triss teleports somewhere near the Flaming Rose castle, and I was meant to go through the door to kill that bad bud. (End of Act V I guess?)

Ok. Great, Imma do it tomorrow then.

So, the next day I loaded my save and got hit with a Black Screen.
And here's some info about it:
The game does not freeze, and I can move my cursor while holding Shift.
There's also a background music, but no noises, just the music.
I also somehow managed to cast Igni with said Black Screen up. (I could only hear it)

While this sounds pretty easy to go around, just load older save you might say.
And, well. That's not possible due to my organizational "principle".
Basically, I delete all "old" saves and autosaves and leave only 2 most recent ones to have some sort of a back-up if one breaks.
Too f****** bad both of them are broken. To add up, my cloud sync is also turned off.

I don't think this affects saves in any way, but my game was modded. I made steam verify my game files and reinstalled the whole thing. Nothing worked.

Other saves (only 2 actually, one is from my first playthrough from 2015, and second one is a new game) work with no charm.

So, what can I do about it now? This second playthrough was meant to be a "perfect" one. I did ALL the quests and did EVERYTHING that was possible in this game. The idea that I will not be able to finish my journey makes me boil a little.

I'm sharing both of those save files so you can check it by yourself.

I'm not posting my specs cuz I don't think its hardware related. I was playing on Win 10 [Steam] The Witcher: Enhanced Edition.

Thank you very much for any help.