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Blood and Wine help



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Blood and Wine help

Hey im looking for
1. a way to spare detlaff but fight him if possible

2.Regis not hunted by other vamps

3.see the Unseen Elder

other than that i dont really care for Saynna/Anna



Despite this being the spoilers subforum, I'm going to include a few tags just in case.

1. Impossible.
2. Don't kill Dettlaff
(go with Regis to rescue Syanna, but don't get the ribbon when/if presented with that opportunity).
Don't go with Regis to rescue Syanna, instead choose the other option.
Never chosen that path myself, so don't know much about it; there could be an additional choice requirement for all I know.


If you mean meeting the Unseen Elder and sparing Dettlaff, that is not possible. Choosing the Unseen Elder's path locks you into the ending where Anna Henrietta, Syanna and Dettlaff all die, and Regis becomes an outcast among vampires.