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happens on all graphics settings, currently using RTX Ultra on a 2080 Ti

This is absolutely so distracting. It's on so many guns, and I don't understand whats happening.
Happens on *every* sight.

It seems to be an issue with this type of tech pistol in particular, but it definitely happens ever so slightly on a couple other pistols from at least what I found. Did you find a fix for it? I've tried literally everything. It's driving me nuts because there's a iconic tech pistol with that model so I'm seeing those annoying lines.

i have this issue as well, drives me fuckin crazy.

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No, no fix yet. I guess the only thing I can recommend we do is file a visual bug report.

Yeah, I have reported it. I've checked multiple youtube videos, and it affects both PC and Console. Every single video using this particular model of tech pistol or certain sights like the add-vantage sight have the issue. How no one is talking about it I have no clue. It's driving me nuts.

Pairing this type of tech pistol with add-vantage makes it so much worse.

I can't confirm this as a fact, but when I was messing around trying to fix the issue. I noticed that those lines on the side of the gun/sight seem to match the colors on the sides of the animated ad billboards around me in the street. It's almost like those ad billboard graphics are somehow bleeding into any weapon or sight that uses the holographics.
I noticed that those lines on the side of the gun/sight seem to match the colors on the sides of the animated ad billboards around me in the street. It's almost like those ad billboard graphics are somehow bleeding into any weapon or sight that uses the holographics.

Well spotted. These holo sights use parallax (fake perspective) in shaders. Depending on angle of camera, they can sample out of bounds of the texture, sampling whatever is currently around it, probably as a part of a texture atlas. This should be an easy fix, all they need to do is clamp the UV coordinates to valid values.

Either way, it is annoying AF and they should make it a priority because it is visible pretty much all the time and it's strongly immersion-breaking.
again, its not just pistols, for instance, my last post had screenshots of an assault rifle sight, and here is a sniper rifle that does it as well. depending on how u hold the gun, it displays the glitch in different ways

Does anyone else encountering this bug that weapons have this strange yellow/whitle square shaped lines around it? Some have it while unmodded and for some only happens when you attach a scope to it.
As you can see on my attached screenshots:
1, Pistol without attachments - bug is present
2. Shotgun attached scope - bug is present
3. Same Shotgun no scope - bug is not present

Never saw a postt for this. Glad I'm not the only one. This is absolutely horrendous looking. It's not just a visual bug with a low texture wall, this is litteraly on screen ALL the time.
i get this bug too, more noticable on 1.06, or various postfx, enviroment maybe? looks like a scope mesh scaling issue, cant find many people noticing it though
This has been preset on the "Lizzy" pistol since the game's release. I think they may have placed textures on their collision boxes. If you go to the "graveyard" and look at the holo-plaques you can see the same issue around them but you see more of it and can tell they are actually ingame advertisements/billboards around the edges.
i changed the time of day night cycle a few times, and its still very noticable on most scopes and guns, previous savegames it was far less, im not sure how im noticing it more now, but i cant unsee it, i tried a previous save different location, white lines are present, tried several graphics options, but it seems to be a scaling visual bug, can barely find any forum posts on it. next up maybe vsync, game limiter options, but i doubt it allot.

it seems like its a scope scaling issue, if i could know the ini/config location setting to manually change the scope size maybe, that may work?

note: I have reverted my graphics drivers back to my prefered 456.71, and my oc is slightly different too, so the drivers are my most likely culprit to cross reference next.
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update: checking various youtube gameplay videos guns/scopes and its present on their videos too

i think the only viable solution, is to try and find some user config to manually fix this?
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Bug: Most likely to appear when exiting the scoped view, bug goes away when switching weapons before entering scoped view, and it goes away when leaving the area (soz forgot the area, will edit to update tm)
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It's really odd that not a single youtuber mentions this. This is so immersion breaking. Hopefully they will resolve it.
Even thought it was intended on the ad-vantage sight to show how cheap and poorly made it is, but seeing this on other sights does look like a bug. And an annoying one too. Really like the design of them, but i werent using them throughout my 100+hrs walkthrough because of this bug :/
Gonna report it now on the provided page
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