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Broken Achievement on Xbox: "Shiny!"

I have over 200 premium cards yet this achievement asking the player to "own at least 150 premium cards" is not only still locked, but 0% progress is shown and 0.00% of other players have unlocked it. There are many achievements with low percentages like 0.07% but even those have someone who has unlocked them.

Is this a known issue?

@devivre - I submitted a ticket on this bug weeks ago, and haven't heard a response since support emailed me saying "the issue is known and we are looking into it."

Do you have any updates on this? It's literally the only achievement I have left to get on the Xbox version of the game:

I don‘t know more about it. But if they said they are looking into it, that doesn‘t sound too bad to me. Maybe they can fix it in one of the patches.