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[BUG] Contracts - "The Usual Suspects" and "Hour of Magic"

I have full collection of cards, but this cards (Priscilla, Dethmold and Ida Emean aep Sivney) doesn't counts in progression of contracts (doesnt matter its non premium or premuim)

Edit. ALl this cards drop me from kegs.

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I had the same problem with the Tuned contract, where Temerian Drummer wasn't accepted. But after I transmuted one of them it worked.
I had the same problem, I think it's because you have to manually create the card for the achievement, unpacking it doesn't count. I created a premium version of them and it worked, if you already have the premium one you can try to create a normal version, it should work.
Yeah, same thing happens to me, it only counts it if you craft the card. I submitted a bug report about this to CDPR.

There's another contract bug for 'ore spent': the game doesn't award me the points for spending over 1000 ore; the progress bar is stuck on 100 ore but the numbers indicate I've spent 6000. Anyone else experienced this?

To chime in here:

If cards are gained from kegs, instead of being crafted, they do not count towards the progression.
That is still a bug isn't it? I am missing out on three RP because of this and I don't want to craft/transmute cards I already have. I had the feeling this might be related to cards gained from Thronebreaker?

Not a deal breaker for me but a fix would be nice ...


There are bug with contracts strange stew, wild hunt and other like those. If you got the needed card from kegs, it doesn't count
Hey! This has been fixed! At least "hour of magic" and "pitch perfect" just triggered correctly for me without doing anything.

Thanks! Keep it up!