[BUG] - Cyberdeck T+ Variants Reduce Eddies From Access Points

If the player upgrades a cyberdeck to any T+ variant, the eddies obtained from breaching access points will drastically reduce to 200€$ flat, when it should probably be adding 200€$ on top of the base income.
  • T2 = 500€$
  • T2+ = 200€$
  • T3 = 1000€$
  • T3+ = 200€$
  • T4 = 2400€$
  • T4+ = 200€$
Here's a video showcasing the difference between regular tier and tier plus;
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Could be just tier 3+ that suffers from this, though?

More testing may needed to find out what results tiers 4 and above get. I would, but I can't even get a tier 3 deck yet.
After further testing it looks to be all T+ variants.

Just rushed to gather enough resources and T4 (Epic) is giving 2400 €$ per access point. Then I went back and tested a T2+ (Uncommon) and it once again gave just 200€$.

This would also explain why people are seeing all the other cyberware reducing stats when being upgraded, probably caused by the same bug not scaling properly and instead reducing everything to flat values.

I recommend avoiding T+ variants entirely for now.
I got this, tier 3++ only get 200e :(

PS: And tier 4 upgraded cyberdeck reset cyberware limit and creates a bug that everytime you unequip a cyberware your cyberware limit decreases too down to 100 and you are unable to equip back all your cyberware. Patch 2.01 is very broken
I accidentally left my deck at 2+; I was trying up to get it straight to 3, but didn't have enough Tier 3 components and reloaded the wrong save after visiting Viktor. Only noticed what had happened about half an hour later, when access points were not giving as much money as they should have.

I'm running a lightly modded game, so cannot send an additional bug report.
The T+ versions seemed to be all fixed, until I reached T5+, this tier still rewards only 200 €D (new game started with 2.1).
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