[BUG] - Netrunners Can't Activate Overclock Now While Scanning

As of 2.02; the Netrunner playstyle is now severely crippled as Netrunners can no longer activate Overclock at all while in Scan Mode or using cameras, which is the entire centerpiece of a 2.0 Netrunner's playstyle due to the insane RAM costs.

This happened because 2.02 corrected the E keybind clashing between Overclock & Move Down functions, but it did not fix the originally intended HOLD E function for activating Overclock, which in the keybind menu is shown as a HOLD TO TOGGLE button.

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Well, that's wrong. It still works - point to an NPC that can't be targeted with a quickhack, scan him and press the OC (Cyberware) Button - Overclock will activate.

As you said, this is a problem with key mappings.

I remapped the Cyberware button via INI to a key that is unused, and now again enjoy activating OC while scanning.
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