[BUG] Priestess of Freya

[BUG] Priestess of Freya

Used Priestess of Freya to resummon my Clan Tuirseach Skirmishers and it ended up summoning it for my enemy, even though neither of us had anything on the board which could've manipulated that.

Yep. It happened. Have no idea how, but it did.

I wanted to take a picture of it and attach it here, but I guess my keyboard just ignored me pressing my Printscreen button.
Happened to me more than 5 times already.
This bug is really game-breaking if you play a Skellige deck. :/
Can confirm that. Used PoF on Queensguard in two matches, which would have brought victory upon me in both cases but the card was moved to my opponent instead. The first time I thought I missed something and checked the last card he played but the description didn't quite fit what happened. On the second match I was sure it's a bug 'cause the opponent passed the turn before and ran a different faction.

EDIT: For the moment I advise everyone not to play Skellige until we have confirmation that the card is functioning properly. Skellige's strength is returning cards from the graveyard and right now the one benefiting from it is your opponent.
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I just had the same thing happen to me. I'll keep playing her to see if it happens every time. View attachment 79600


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This happens to me as well. So damn horrible. Had so many "aha!" moments with the skirmishers only for them to benefit my enemy instead of me.
The real question is why it always happens in favour of our enemy, not ours. But seriously, I think it's the most annoying and actually gamebreaking bug I've encountered so far and I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible.
YES, same here, this happens when you chain Priestess of Freya , last card it summons, it places on opponents side, this totally breaks the game, very annoying, please CDPR address this, preferable ASAP!...

Note: Okey so it happen just with one Priestess of Freya as well, it just random bug, sometimes it happens, sometimes not!...
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Yeah, that made me feel bad when my opponent played it and ruined his own game. Sorry, misterious unknown. You would have won if not for this.
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If you can find a formula when Freya works and when it bugs, it could be useful information to REDs. I don't know how they track down those bugs, but as much information as possible can't hurt :)

Like @Rawls suggested earlier in this thread (with a link), please send official bug reports to REDs. And if you can tell how/when and reviving what card the bug happened, please include that information into report.
Unfortunately happens to me 50-60% of the time. Can't play the deck until this bug is fixed. Oh well, having a ton of fun with monsters.
If you can find a formula when Freya works and when it bugs, it could be useful information to REDs.

Looks like it is totally random, sometimes they bug for a whole match, sometimes just for one round and sometimes they bug only on the turn. Seems that it doesn't even matter what card you bring back. On one turn I resurrect a Clan Tuirseach Skirmisher and it deploys on my side, on the next turn it deploys for the enemy.
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