The seams on character models for V and others are still present.

On a more positive note, it looks like they avoided creating any new bugs this patch. At least it seems that way so far. When 2.1 came out the thread was flooding with new reports within two days.
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Brick's name appears at the Columbarium even though I saved him and killed Royce, to get the peaceful approach at Second Conflict.
Screenshot 2024-01-30 180618.png

Guest 4735567

Issue with melee on controller (bug found on steam deck) when using the LB button to preform a melee the quickhack menu will open up quicker then the melee attack imput causing the melee attack to not be preformed.
Still old bugs present in the game:

- Cars LOD problems
- Cars spawn problem ( they spawn close to player character )
- Cars model change while you come closer (except driver-co driver) or even in front of you when you look to the sinde and back...another car model appear
- NPC LOD problem
- NPC textures won't spawn properly until you are close enough
- NPC spawn behavior - let's say it's weird, spawn next to you, change NPC even close to you model if you look to side and then back, despawn in front of you, etc....)

- Still happen that you can't loot bodies (problem if enemy has cyber shard as loot)
- V's H10 apartment - Window can't be closed after "Really want to stay in your house" quest
- Again keybinding bug -> radio -> can't change "Z" key (already discussed here in forum)

and seems new bugs patched in this game

- dialog option blocking doors open/close option - notice in Dogtown Ripperdoc Costin - I get dialog as soon I close to him and it won't disappear when I at the door. Hadn't this in 2.1. Also Farida dialog appear earlier and last longer (vanish just before reach the door, just a step later and would also block the door here o_O)
There is lots of LOD problems after 2.11 !


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My specs
Gigabyte Extreme Water Force 4090 gtx
i-7 14700 k
32 Gb of ram DDR6 , 6000 mh
SSD 990 PRO 1 TB
win 11 Pro


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MISTY IS STUCK in a pose looking at the sanctuary in her shop and you can't interact with her (I didn't interact with her about the cards before and directly found all PL cards and can't finish the mission)
Netrunner: Counterhack / Wallhack bugged

Counterhack - against enemy netrunner - the quickhack menu sometimes disappear / appear fast. don't know if "flickering" is the right word to describe it.

Netrunner wallhack isn't working at all. But I assume this could be also one of the most reported bugs to CDPR.
Game shows empty armor bar. In my menu stats or cyberware window I have almost 1100 armor but in game its empty. Each shoot that I get goes directly to my health. Few shots and I am dead!!!! I would have to go back to my old save from early january to be able to have active armor.

I went back to my old saves. Loaded save when I am LVL59. Funny story, after playing few minutes and reaching level 60 armor bar goes to 0 on my eyes!!!!!

OK, after playing for a while I found out that armor bar is empty, but actually it still works.


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My game loads into the main menu but every time i launch one of my saves game i've got a crash. The game was working perfectly before this new path 2.11. I've got np mod just a DLC
I've send a request to the developers and actually they have no solution ... I'm very disappointed. And as many people with azerty many option key are without solution... Im'a ver annoying because it's no longer possible for me to play...
Well, let's test how to report an issue. I notice things, and this Delamain conversation was one of them... Delamain says one thing, and the subtitle is something else.

Like, Delamain says
> After revisiting my research plan and scope, I've come to the conclusion they will not lead to the results I aim to achieve. I've abandoned it.

Subtitles say:
> Hey, look here. Dude made a shrine to the band. Well... half-shrine, half-vault, more like.


Then also later, a minor thing, it reads 'trip', but Delamain says 'journey'.

So, so, so... where is that site for reporting? Say, here

Done and dusted. Yeah, there's always that risk that they will reject due to mods, but that's on them then.
cyber capacity shards (spawn / drop system) seems still buggy....

doesn't matter old / new capacity (450) calculation...still missing capacity shards and my netrunner is already level 60.

maybe it's a rebellion idea / suggestion...but why not ripperdocs selling those shards ...connected to player level / street cred...whatever...instead of dropping from NPC.

I mean..for example..found 2 shards just accidentally while gangs shooting on each other and I looted the dead bodies.

normally hadn't the intention to visit the events..I was every time on a bike and on the street. just follow my way..or maybe I didn't have notice the shootout...I would also miss these 2 shards
NUSA infiltrator jacket still loads Johnny's Samurai jacket when getting on a bike. It corrects itself after a second or two but really needs fixed

Or someone needs to recommend me a better car to use other than motorcycles
After the 2.11 patch my save file won't open because of my key bindings. Is there any way to get into my save file using my own keybindings?
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