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Bugs and Glitches on Xbox

I've decided to make a list of glitches that I've found on my first week of Gwent. Some are still present after the most recent patch. Most of these are from Nilfgaard.

  1. Morvran Voorhis uses up all of his charges whenever you use him. No, you cannot cancel it.
  2. Bribery doesn't create a card sometimes.
This list will hopefully decrease as the weeks go by. Feel free to add more.
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Morvran Voorhis uses up all of his charges whenever you use him. No, you cannot cancel it.
Same bug exists on the PS4, apparently. Perhaps it has something to do with controllers. :unsure:

Venendal Elite's ability doesn't function after using leader.
Just to be sure: are you using first your Leader, and then, on the same turn, playing the Venendal? That's the only way it will work.

In any case, here's the Support link if you need it:
second on the ps4 version of the Voorhis bug. The only work around is to time it so you run out of time for your between the charges, which is as difficult as it sounds
Recently, also Dorregray glitch the game. But not on play, but when it is highlighted in the popup window, such as opening the graveyard or choosing the card through the effect of other card. The glitch is the same as with Nenneke or prince stennis.
Just be aware, I lost several games because of this...
Isabel sometimes only draws one player a card instead of both of them.

The cursor on the Deck Builder jumps around randomly even if you move the stick(s) to the same direction twice.
Traheaern var Vdyffir did not move the card to the graveyard. I used it to send one of the witchers to the graveyard. Then when my opponent played a witcher all 3 appeared
I experienced the same issue on PS4, but it was fixed in the last patch. This inconsistency is really weird :D
I still experience this actually):
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I can confirm that Nenneke has been fixed :)

Voorhis is still bugged though
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