[BUGS] Mainmission: Gimme Danger (small spoiler) and Gig: Lack of Empathy

Well, that's the second time now that i did a mission (just did the "Lack of Empathy" Gig) where the ENTIRE enemy npcs are friendly.

First time it happened in "Gimme Danger",
stole the truck, drove through the gate
, everyone was friendly the entire time, didn't need to sneak around.
Cameras would recognize me as not friendly, raise the alarm and enemies would turn hostile. But just hacking cameras into "friendly mode" avoided that, so everyone stayed friendly and non-alert.

Now i walked into the BD - Club through the front door (in "Lack of Empathy" after doing "Chippin In"), a bunch of Animals standing around, everyone friendly again, even though the mission states that i should avoid combat (optional).

Ofc this is not game breaking, it's just annoying. Buggy mess i guess.
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