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busted: 3-5 shupes, or 5-7 gold copies... seems legit...

MO 3: play shupe, hillock shupe, decoy shupe. can't caranthir shupe, because it's a special. 3 copies.
NG 4: shupe, emhyr, kingslayer the shupe, menno into decoy on shupe, skellen decoy on shupe... 2 shupes played, 2 shupes in deck. albrich for next round or into joachim, or isbel, or some targetted thinning to pull both. 4 copies.

other golds are much simpler, since shupe is doomed.

MO 5: caranthir a gold, hillock caranthir on gold, play the one from hand. 3 copies on the board. 1 can be decoyed, renew the other in next round. 5 copies.
NG 6: emhyr a gold, kingslayer copy, decoy one, skellen decoy the other, draw 1 or both from deck, shuffle 1 back with assire, then renew 1 and draw the 2nd in next round. 6 copies.

It may even be possible to get 7+, but I'm too lazy to work on a solution (create, enemy deck, etc). This is elementary, broken stuff that dodged QA.

note: NG can also use Yen: Invocation to decoy another shupe or gold, but I haven't worked out the solution... that's 5 shupes or 7 golds... Basically, she's decoy+Albrich in one card. You can also use albrich on yen invocation, before you decoy shupe, and pull yen: invoc instantly to decoy the other shupe and topdeck it, must pull the other with thinning or mulligan though.

Go forth and prosper...
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Doesn't seem that strong to me. The player already has to invest a lot in deckbuilding for Shupe and most of the combinations you mentioned above require the player to draw Shupe in a later round and can be even easily countered by the enemy by destroying him. And your combinations are only good, if Shupe Mage was choosen, because else too much value would be lost by replaying him. But from the Mage effects the only one that gives a real advantage is the weather effect and that is an effect you can't reuse in a round.

And personally I haven't seen Shupe even once since HC.
yea, shupe isn't great, but that's beside the point. it wouldn't be hard to find broken gold cards, or 3 copies of 2 cards. essentially, it's an exploitable mechanic, which has no right to exist. not suggesting you need to copy 7 golds either; 3 or 5 might suffice.

the issue of provisions investment is questionable, since decoy, kingslayer, and most of the other cards are actually cheaper than the golds intended for copy. renew can break even.
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Well, people have started copying Vesemir 3-4 times in NG Witcher decks for a deck full of 9-10 strength Witchers; very balanced.

edit: Now we're at copying Vesemir and Isbel bug abuse.
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It is currently possible to play Shupe upwards of THREE times when using Emhyr as a leader. This seems like a very stupid oversight.

If you are wondering how it is possible, then here is the combination: Shupe -> Emhyr (puts the card back in the deck) -> Shupe -> Decoy (On shupe) -> Shupe (next round).


Yeah, ive been using a Shupe Emhyr deck to use him 3 times (and a friend pointed out he could see the Shupe in my hand the last time i played him).

But honestly, like it was already pointed out here - Shupe isnt as strong compared to other golds, like he was in Beta Gwent.

For example, i usually use the 4pt Shupe that does 9 damage. That means my Emhyr provides me 9 pts, which is similar to the other leader abilities, or other golds.

(EDIT) reminder, there's no longer the Shupe that lets you draw a card neither, which could be problematic in this case.
By now I encountered quite a couple of Emhyr Shupe decks and I've always seen the 4pt Shupe, which apparently buffed all the cards in hand by 1 or 2. And that seems honestly far too strong. All other effects are including Shupes base strength somewhat around 12 points, even with only 8 units in hand that effect makes him a 16 power card, and furthermore that handbuff is potentional carry-over.
If that effect would only buff by 1 instead of randomly 1 or 2, Emhyr Shupe would see a lot less play.
It should not be possible to use Shupe more than once in any scenario, they should balance around that. Most games it guarantees you a round win (with just one card) and if you somehow win round 1 without using him, even if you get a card disadvantage you still win the match.
Hmm, you can copy Zoltan Scoundrel, at least once, on the cheap on both MO/NG, but I'm too lazy to do the math.

Scoundrel + Hillock = 15+8-2=21p for 2 Froths = 10.5 per Froth. NG can Emhyr for same effect, but getting more copies requires the use of tricks like Assire/Decoy.

Froth/Telekinesis works out to 11p per Froth, and Emhyr/Assire/Scoundrel works out to 7.666p per Froth, if counting Emhyr at 8 (the norm), or 8.333 at 10. In any case, still same cost as old Froth. Froth/Assire is 13+8-6=15/2 or 7.5p per Froth, conditional of course.

Their actual provision cost is meaningless if you can copy them on the cheap, although it does prevent you from copying other cards.

At least you can't copy Mentor, Ivo, throw a bunch of witchers on the board and Froth them... I guess? :\
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I mean, if you really examine the situation, just look at a card like Kingslayer:

Which costs 4p for the actual gold copy ability, while Reinforcements costs 6p just to copy a bronze...
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Not only can NG copy gold units, they can also copy gold tactics. In fact, you can copy Commander's Horn with Skellen, then Emhyr him, Kingslayer, etc... if you can get the Order to proc, by keeping him alive, etc... 14p for first copy, 5p for skellen copy, 8-10p (~9) for Emhyr copy, 4p for Kingslayer copy. 32p for 4 copies = 8p per copy of Commander's Horn, conditional on keeping Skellen alive, which may be problematic, but just another example of the abuse that can occur.
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