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Can someone clarify Year of the Wild Boar reward pages?

I can't find a definitive answer, so perhaps someone here has seen it somewhere and can help me clarify.

Will year of the wild boar trees always be available? Specifically, do I need to worry about anything on that page getting permanently locked?
I've already unlocked all the leaders, so now I'm wondering if I need to spend my RP first on the Wild Boar tree, and then the respective leaders, or if I can focus on the Seasonal trees now that I've unlocked the gameplay things.
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Honestly, experience tells, that typical format rotation period in CCGs of this type is 2 years. Gwent does not have rotation even introduced yet and if rotation will be eventually introduced, it will be highly probably announced in advance and until that time, related reward trees have to be available to get players possibility to obtain related leaders. You are really worrying about fruits of tree, which was not planted yet. If curiosity really eats you up, just ask Pawel Burza in Ask Developers thread.
I guess that leader trees will simply remain on the next year's reward page, while the Boar will return each time the Chinese Calendar has the year of the pig again. Which is, ugh... 2031...

... well, I guess we can blame the Yellow Emperor for this.
This is what I was looking for, and explains why there's no solid answer.
Odd that they wouldn't just keep everything up there permanently, but alas, I suppose I'll focus on the year of the boar page and its respective trees before getting started on the vanilla stuff (which is a shame because I wanted to do the seasonal trees).
Don't. Pawel also said this:
The new page will be available all year, that should be enough time to unlock everything :)
You have at least 7 months left, so don't let reward trees dictate your progress. Do what you prefer to do now. It is also not too difficult to get reward points. After 2 months of playing (yes, I'm a fresh player) I already spent more than 800 of them.