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Can We Get Co-Op for Mutiplayer? 2v2?

If it were to be 2v2 mode, then communication will be necessary to play a perfect comp. On the other hand it could also be the fun of it, if the teammates aren't allowed to communicate, then all the tactics have to be hidden in every player's mind, and it will be a gamble if you have a trick in mind that would both trick your opponents and your friend. I might require a high tacit understanding and practice. Although, gwent is all about tricks and cunning, I still think 2v2 mode will divert from the original design of the game. Perhaps it will end up coming out with a better idea sooner than we can imagine, because CDPR can always give us surpirses! :D
Can We Get Co-Op for Mutiplayer? 2v2?

The Card game is awesome, but I would like too play with a friend in multiplayer. Face up against other online opponent's like a two on two. I really think this should be added to the beta to test this out, it would be cool and also you can get a friend to start playing along side you.
This will be a nightmare to balance. Scrap that. This will be a nightmare, period. XD
Team Based Game Mode

I wonder if team based play mode in your future plans, I would enjoy with a friend or a completely stranger (arrenged with similar playing styles for better experience maybe) on my side.
I would also like a 2vs2. As for balance, i wouldn't balance cards around 2vs2. It would be a casual mode anyway and if it's needed you can simply "ban" or limit cards (ala yugioh) so they can't be overpowered.
yes please i cant wait for my ally to burn my best cards using scorch..

jokes aside.. also ad 4-4 and 8-8!

jokes aside for real now

sounds like a cool feature to waste some time but seeing all the issues to implement something like this i think we never see it.
I think a 2v2 could work maybe decks would need to have a set limit to like 14 cards and 2 golds and each turn both player can play 1 card or you take turns each time it's your teams turn. Maybe it could be a requirement that the decks couldn't have the same faction as their teammates.

You could even bring in 4v4 really then you could have guilds and guild wars going on. Decks would probably be limited to like 7 cards and 1 gold each. Most games with guild wars run it on a weekend day.
Possibility of multi(2+) player?

Right now we only have duel game (1v1), and I'm kinda certain that no matter what new game mode is out, it will stay that way for some time. However, I still want to discuss the possibility of 2v2, 1v1v1 etc, just food for thought for Gwent's future development :rly?:

Say 3v3:
A,B,C against 1,2,3, which contains 3 big rounds, which each has 3 small rounds within. There will be max of 9 small rounds, and the team with 5 small round winning or more get the win
Like normal game play, each player has his/her own hand/deck/board.

First big round, A against 1, B against 2, C against 3, and after all 3 rounds are done, players switch opponent
Second big round A against 2, B against 3 and C against 1, same thing, only if one team lost 5 small rounds already, the game ends here
Third round is the same, players switch and fight against their last opponent

Also, chat within group is allowed (also, thing like teamspeak is hard to ban anyway)

About coin flip:
the only random coin flip will be the first one, which decides which team goes first, that is, if ABC is gonna go first:
A, C and 2 will go first in first big round,
After first big round and switching opponent, the winner of last round go first. if both players in the small round are winers/losers, ABC team can vote who go first, because they suffered one more coin flip disadvantage

What do you think?
(BTW, this is no way a final version, a multiplayer combat willl need more suggestions to polish, this is a mere prototype, that, in Chinese old saying "throw brick to attract jade") *poor translation

One more thing, the reason I wish Gwent can start discussing this is because, while we all know that Gwent, HS, ESL etc are "different kind of game that has different features", the fact is they are all considered "some deck game I play to enjoy my spare time", thus making these game compete each other with player base. The recent shitstorm of HS patch helped Gwent to get a lot more players is a proof and a fact.

And not any of these "card games" have start thinking about the possbility of a XvX mechnic. If Gwent manage to do this first and do this well, I'm sure this will give Gwent advantage of attracting player base, and other card games will rush toward it and mess it up..again :cheers:
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