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Cannot view Geralt's model in inventory screen.

In the inventory menu I can't view Geralt anymore so to see what his armour/clothing looks like I have to exit the menu. I could but then today it just suddenly stopped. Is this a known bug. If so how do I fix it.
This sometimes happens on PC as well. Closing and re-launching the game always fixes it for me.
I've no idea why the bug occurs, but I have noticed it only ever happens after I've been playing for a while.
I've noticed that too I'm pretty far in the game now and this frequently happens. It makes it harder when choosing Geralt's outfit. Thank for the help.
Try stripping all of your equipped gear off, then dumping everything in your inventory into a stash. Travel to a new region (e.g. Velen to Skellige). Retrieve your stuff from the stash.

It could be a sign that some of your items may have very long itemID labels. That can slow down the inventory or create weirdness. It can happen after the game has been saved and reloaded a large number of times.

Also -- title edited for clarity.