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Can't play without DLC once added

Can't play without DLC once added

I wasn't sure where to post this, so mods, i'm sorry, and please move this if it's in the wrong spot.

I'm on PC, but wondering if anyone else is having this issue.

I'm not really sure when it started, if it was patch 1.07 or not, but it seems now when i add a free DLC, i can't play without it anymore.
I'm specifically refering to Ciri's new outfit. I added both Yennefer's and Triss's new outfits when they first appeared, didn't like Yenn's, and hated Triss's and so when i started the game again, i unticked the box for both, and was able to play without them again.
This time, i added Ciri's new outfit, but as i prefer her original one, i unchecked the box to remove it. But when i started the game, clicked 'continue', I got a message that I'm unable to load this save game because there is a DLC missing, and then it tells me it's Ciri's outfit!
I added it back again so i could continue playing, but what the? There was no problem before, so why can't i remove it and play the game with her old outfit?
Once you made a save with a DLC installed, you can not load it anymore, if you have uninstalled the DLC. Starting a new game without DLCs installed is always possible.

But why do you not use the DLC ingame settings to disable all the alternative outfits? There is no need to uninstall them.
lol i had the same issue didn't know i could turn them off in the menus without uninstall! thanks, the alternate outfits are cool but there's a few pre rendered cut scenes in the game where the characters go back to original outfits and that's a bit jarring!
Oh, well i didn't know that you could! I had seen the list of DCLs, but it was only a list of what i had. I didn't know you could turn them off, because, as i said, i thought you just unchecked the box in Galaxy. Thanks TK