Can't see leader charges

Hi everyone!
Is this a bug/glitch ,or are they planing on leaving it like that?
It is only on android ...
The biggest issue ,apart from looking veird, is thet now i have to count my opponents leader charges.
I sometimes don’t see opponent leader charges on IPhone. Don’t recall whether this has happened after the patch.
I'm having the same issue on Android, very annoying not seeing your opponents leader charges since the new updates.
Same thing with leader charges on Android, plus they shouldn't be that close to the center, spacing is wrong. Also the "hide cards" button is still missing from quite a few cards

I wonder, what exactly that hotfix fixed, a missing wine glass on the premium version of Ball?
There is an UI issue on Android Gwent. Leader ability icons are blocked by menu interface(where we look which card played in that specific round). So you cant see enemy's and yours leader ability count while playing on smartphones. This is very troublesome and needs
to fixed asap. Old icon placements was ok, idk why you guys pushed them into middle of the screen...
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