Can't Use Nvidia Features For Performance

I recently upgraded to a 4060 ti PC and just like what everyone would do, i wanted to try DLSS frame generation. I tried DLSS FG with 2 other games but when it comes to cp2077 i cant turn on any nvidia feature(DLSS FG, Reflex etc.). I tried updating my drivers, re-installing Cp2077 but neither of them worked. I just wanna play with rtx on while getting 70+fps nothing more .(


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Hard to tell, I don't understand the language on your screenshot, but frame-generation is not Nvidia Reflex.
You have to first, enable "Hardware-Accelerated GPU scheduling" in windows and DLSS frame generation is in "Graphics" tab.
Disable V-sync (and enable freeSync or Gsync if you can, search how on google/youtube).
You can't use Frame Gen with v-sync enabled.
I have Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling enabled and Gsync is already on. I dont think anything left that i didnt tried.(im playing on epic btw)
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