CDPR, please add these items to Phantom Liberty?

Thermal Katana. I’ve been wanting this weapon since the promo trailers were burning up the net. How was this overlooked?

Quadra Type-66 “Cyberpunk Yellow”. Yes, I see different versions of this one driven by NPCs but it makes no sense to me why we weren’t able to buy and own a clean version of this Yellow Quadra.

Female V’s E3 pants. This asset is already in the game, the “Psycho Racer“ pants. However there’s no ALL BLACK version available to buy at vendors.

ANOTHER SMALL CHANGE: Johnny’s Samurai Jacket looks a little too big on the Female character model. Please resize it to fit her smaller frame. Similar to the original E3 premier.

🤍Can’t wait for Phantom Liberty. Thanks to everyone working on the game and this beautiful player community.
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I agree with all of those suggestions. It would be great timing to bring out the mythical thermal katana. I still want some Cyberpunk yellow gun options (unless they've added that- I've been away from the game awhile). It's a cool shade of yellow imo.

I hope they add unshown pre-alpha Ice Hammer, Octdra Type-112 320 ST "Modern Gray" and anti-Alpha male V shoes.
This has been shown in the gameplay footages but we will have to wait and see if it will make it to the final release.
It’s confirmed for Phantom Liberty🔥 Now we (or just I) just need the Yellow Quadra and V’s original black pants Lol
Would cyberpunk ever get online would love if you could play with mates and meeting other players roaming the streets
Too late for these suggestions, I suspect. I just want a Quadra convertible for V to drive. It would just take a few tiny tweaks...


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Too late for these suggestions, I suspect. I just want a Quadra convertible for V to drive. It would just take a few tiny tweaks...
The Thermal Katana is confirmed so that’s a W. Amongst the new clothes, I hope the all black racer pants will be in. But that Katana is most important so I’m glad it’s finally here.
Let's hope they add them.
They always did stuff like this in their games for some unexplained reason. W3 for example, The swords Geralt had in the screenshots and trailers were not obtainable in the game and some of them still aren't.
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I'm not sure how many new cars there will be (At least a few are confirmed) however we do know there is a new Quadra that is a pre-order bonus, it's unfortunately red so not exactly what you're looking for but it's there, perhaps there is the yellow one as well just not as a pre-order bonus so anyone can get it? Also, as other have mentioned the Thermal Katana is confirmed as coming to PL. I'd expect there will be a lot of new clothes, cars and weapons we haven't seen yet, its possible they will have some to show off at Gamescom this month.
Whatt about the actual inaccessible buildings because they don't have any interior gamecell attached to them.restoration of the shooting ranges would be nice
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the game has so much potential and it is definitely sad that the pathetic cancel culture has made Cyberpunk genre and all science fiction/alternative history genres as a whole so damn controversial and this shouldn't deter CD Projekt Red from abandoning it completely ,but I get the sense there is more too this than the public actually knows and things they cannot disclose because of the Non-disclosure agreement and another would of course be politics and also financial problems too andd also the damn Europeans Magistrates going a little too far with trying to ban games.
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another Thing is Pistol lasers with Flashlight and weapon flashlight and lasers for other weapons re-enabled. Johnny's pistol has laser attachment and making the level cap similar to the Witcher 3 GOTY. And blueprint for Johnny's pistol so you can recraft it at a higher level if needed. Another would be surplus rifles from WW2 like the Arisaka Bolt Action Type 99 that would be heavily modernized and turned into a long rang e sniper rifle by Arisaka,and also Surplus Soviet Cold War Weapons that are still in pristine condition because the were found in a long forgotten and long abandon Customs warehouse back befor The US was splintered. Like the Tokarev pistol Ak47, DSHK heavy 12.7mm machine guns and rpg7s . This would be totally different from a lot of games, and the sniper scopes able to zoom in or out with magnifications.
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Wish to be able to own the topless Shion used by Goro. Would be awesome to use it in the new vehicle combat apart from being super cool.
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