CDPR, stop with the 1st person

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CDPR please never ever make another first person game, I am begging you, the original plan was to make this game third person, you should have kept it that way or make the option for third because every time I play this I just think of the other RPGs I've played that was third including Witcher and just think how much better CP2077 would be, whoever thought first was a good idea, they were INCREDIBLY wrong
Just a NO :) , I hope there will be more 1st person games. Ideal would be to have both options of course, but personally I prefer much more what we have now in CP2077. And it definitelly is and will stay game producers decision when is hard to please everyone (especially in regard to production costs and technical/time higher needs).
Yeah, I agree with @LeKill3rFou here. I think first person is great and they've refined this thing very very well. It stands along side CoD and Halo at this point in gun play while soaring past them in other areas. I would appreciate more cinematic cut scenes, but those come with their own costs.

Either way. I like it and I hope they do it again.
Yeah, the title might be about future games, but the post is clearly about Cyberpunk 2077.

TPP for CP2077 is a topic discussed and, far too often, argued to death twenty times over.

It's been over four years since it was made clear the game would be FPP. High time to move on.
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