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Challenger/Open organization

Challenger/Open organization

Beeing new to CCGs, I'm not sure how common this level of organization is. The atmosphere built on these events is really something. CDPR goes far in making the Witcher theme come to life at these official events.

How common is this in other CCGs?
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I played HS alot before switching to Gwent, and they do some themed sets during their official tournaments, with a tavern and some very cool cosplay, usually volunteers, but nothing even close to what they are doing with Gwent. Just by organizing the last Challenger in a real castle, with all those professionals (musicians, actors, archers!)... Cmon! I'd give anything just to be in a place like that :)
CDPR puts a lot more money in relative to the size of its player base. Not many other games would have splashed out for such a location, the costumes, the extensive presenting/ commentary team for only 8 people participating.

MTG's put a lot of effort into pro tours previously with the help of its cosplay community and marketing dept eg Kaladesh had a full on steampunkesque bazaar.
Hearthstone had a themed escape room recently for latest expansion release and generally do themed events for new expansions.