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Change for Trollololo



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Change for Trollololo

Currently Trolololo is a little bit too much. It provides too much value with little to no downside. It negates weather effects and some dmg cards. Also it is used to generate huge amount of power in conjunction with a bronze card and it is easy to "fish" it from the deck due to its high base power. DOn't get me wrong, I like the design of this card very much and I think that eventual changes should preserve the initial design this card was intended for.

The power of this Trololo resides from the combination with Dun Banner heavy cavalry. The expected value from a silver and bronze combo is 22. But Trolololo currently has 11 base power and gets 4 armour at deploy+2 armour every turn. As you can see by playing this cards in sequence you get instantly the expected value with no downside and the rest is a bonus. Most cards require at least one turn to build up towaards their expected value.

As a conclusion, I think Trolololo is a little bit OP and it needs to change:
-base power reduced to 10 (makes it harder to fish from the deck and reduces the overall value of the card)
-deploy ability changed to 3 armour instead of 4 (reduces the value of the card in the combo while preserving the immunity to damge effects and some weather spells)
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He should only get armor if he's the only troop on row like Sk champion of champion.

I have no idea why two trolls having so much difference? One from Sk only got 5 strength & on that he is only gaining 2 strength if he's the only troop on row, Where Trolololo is 11 strength & needs no requirement :/

Now please don't tell me that COC is gaining base strength & Sk can resurrect him as NR too having shani & even nenneke to put him again in deck for redraw & Trolololo synergy with DBHC is great for tempo.
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l_WHIT3WOLF_l;n9527791 said:
He should only get armor if he's the only troop on row like Sk champion of champion...
Seems fair. On the other hand this will make him unplayable. I think a lot of units should change their movement abilities to target just the opponent's side of the board or just your side on the board (Harpooner is a good example). Maybe a compromise will be if both cards are on a row with other units, to Strengthen/Armor themselves with just 1. They will perhaps need some adjustment to their Strength, cause the effect will still be strong, especially for CoC, like, he could be 4 STR with 4 Armor on Deploy, so he could be out of the A-Thunder range. And I mean - he is also a Troll, right? Armor suits him.


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Because the SK troll strengthens not boost.And if you let him get big you have a nice ressurect target .


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Worth Bringing an Eskel or Artefact compression along to deal with cards like that, Artefact compression works especially well as they can't revive Trollololo later.


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For me personally the body is fine but he comes into play with too much armor.
The current problem with him being that, he's supposed to be a setup unit but even if you play a Dun banner right after he hits the board, that's already a 12 str unit which is too much with no setup whatsoever.

I would reduce his armor to 2 and keep everything else as it is.