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Foremost, a belated happy birthday (ay, again) to Burza46 ! Paid a visit to the Passiflora, eh, mate? Heh.
Dominika;n10333272 said:
Let us know what you think about this new format – all suggestions are welcome!
The acronym (TWIG) is somewhat amusing. At this point, however, I'm not quite sure what to think of this new concept. I imagine it shall very much depend on what happens from week to week, and whether there will actually be enough interesting content to include. (After all, some weeks are more notable than others.) I also rather suspect that some players may favour an overview of what the developers are doing with the game each week, rather than a mention of popular decks, or reports on the professional players. That said, keeping in touch with the Community is always welcome, and it's nice to see Pawel's enthusiasm!


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I believe it will be even more interesting to those who don't follow the Forums, official or not. Like Riven-Twain said, I'm not sure if there will be enough interesting content every week. Unless of course they put some leaks in there. Yea, where are the leaks!? :D


It's a bit too rapidly paced for my liking. Perhaps embed links into the vid for 'more information.' Personally, I'd prefer something akin to developers' insights with less flashy editing rather than a newsreel


Pruny;n10334532 said:
Esmer;n10378492 said:
What a horrible bug. Apparently, a unit disappears from the board (and is not affected by any effects) when succubus pulls it to your side.
Please, send bugs / issues into CDPR Support -- especially if they're easily re-created:

Now, let's "stick" to TWIG! (No...Riven!!! I'm doing it! Noooooo...!)