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Ciri screenshot thread

Ciri screenshot thread

Why doesn't a thread like that exist?! The same rights for Ciri as for Triss or Yen... ::) Now here it is.

And I open it with this in my opinion very nice picture of her...

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Gerald and his daughter...

A very emotional moment!


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Picture 3 and 4 are very ingenious. They are perfect. :eek:k: They are made by PC or not?! :cool:
Yeah, PC. Only the first shot I used free cam the others are standard captures of cutscenes and videos. All credit to CDPR for making such an amazing and beautiful game. I love the interactions Geralt has with Ciri, beautifully done :)

Actual stuff from today! I don't need to work today - glorious friday! 8) The third picture I love. Sorry for the armor glitch on the right side but I play on PS4... :cry: and I love the Undvik armor too much. perhaps I use Photoshop later to optimize it a little bit... :rambo:

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I 'm really proud of myself because of these two pictures. :cool: I need three times to get the right second... And the PS4 has by taking pictures always a delay time of two seconds...



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