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Ciri's DLC outfit glitch - body disappears


It looks like that changing the outfit of Ciri during her gameplay session from Whoreson Junior's quest causes a glitch that makes the whole girl's body disappear.

How to reproduce:
- Enable Ciri's outfit DLC
- Start the Ciri's gameplay session following the cute talk between Geralt and Junior
- Save the game
- Turn off the Ciri's outfit DLC
- Load the previous save

Platform: PC/Steam
Version: 1.32, GOTY edition

0.) Using any mods, or have you ever used any in the past?

1.) Which version of the game did you buy, and how have you installed / updated it? GOTY? Standard + Expansions bought separately over time? Standalone + Season Pass?

2.) If the game's install path is anywhere under Program Files or Program Files(x86), follow these steps to move the Steam installation to the root of the drive. You will likely have to verify the cache of each game you have installed one time after doing this.

Let us know how that goes!
Hello SigilFey,

thank you for your reply. As written in the original post, the game version is the Steam GOTY one (

The game runned smoothly for more than 70 hours so far and in other quests starring Ciri I have used the standard outfit as well, which is why I believe this is something that is not related to my configuration (e.g. installation path) particularly as it never changed so far.

I am using two mods, one that is ReShade ( with only the SMAA filter active (anti-aliasing injected in post-processing) and the other one being a rework of the environment texture, which is the most popular among the TW3 mods ( - used by 1.5M of players) which does not apply to characters' textures in anyway.

Again, with the same configuration and mod I have used both the outfits previously, but only by following the steps I have written above in the original post I am able to reproduce this bug, which is by the way something that is not blocking at all, but that I just thought was worth to notify!

thank you for your reply. As written in the original post, the game version is the Steam GOTY one
This part could still be the issue: Did you, by any chance, download and install any of the standalone DLCs after installing the GOTY edition?
Curious. Here's my guess. The DLC outfit is referenced in the save file. However, it doesn't look like there's any script to tell the game to retrieve the standard outfit if the referenced DLC outfit is switched off while Ciri is currently loaded.

The likely fix is: "Don't do that." :p

I think the only way you'll be able to get the standard outfit back for that scene is to reload the game to a point prior to the Geralt / Junior dialogue. Switch the DLC outfit off at that point. Then, have Geralt engage in the dialogue. Ciri should then load with the default outfit.

And just for giggles, I'm going to bet 12 chocolate nibs that if you save / load the game with Ciri in the default outfit, it will work just fine. If you switch to the DLC outfit after saving, that will work just fine. If you try to revert to the default outfit with Ciri's model already loaded, that won't work.

(Side note: You don't need to wait for the storybook narration to play all the way through when you load. Give it 5-10 seconds, and hit the Spacebar a few times. It should jump straight into the game.)