Common Solution for Technical Problems

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Common Solution for Technical Problems (PC):
  1. For performance issues, try to disable V-Sync and Card Animations.
  2. Remove/disable all third party overlay applications (e.g. FRAPS, RivaTuner).
  3. Try a verify / repair through GOG Galaxy and ensure Galaxy itself is up to date.
  4. Install / repair redistributables that come wit the game (DirectX, Visual Studio, etc.).
  5. Be sure the game is not installed under Program Files or Program Files(x86) and set up the .EXE files of Galaxy and Gwent to "Run as administrator".
  6. Disable the Galaxy overlay, in the options menu (only for debugging; it should be enabled for buying kegs and inviting friends).
  7. Disable your virus protection software / firewall.
  8. Close all background applications, especially Chrome (and other resource-consuming apps).
  9. If that doesn't work; try to reinstall the game and manually remove the following folders (back up your Thronebreaker save games before that!):
    1. "C:\Users\<Your username>\AppData\Local\Temp\CDProjektRED"
    2. "C:\Users\<Your username>\AppData\LocalLow\CDProjektRED"
  10. If this doesn't fix things, run a dxdiag with the 64-bit option selected and send the results to CDPR Support along with a brief description of the issue.
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