Concept Art

Fresh batch of concept arts is heading your way!

The world is awesome to look at but must be terrifying to live in whether you're augmented or not. Can't wait to see more art!
Wow. Why you don't use this "dirt style" in game.
Preview game-play feels too clean. You definitely should implement those "dust glows" and dirty walls.
IMHO this gives those concept arts realism and immersion.
These artists pulls no punches, I'm eternally amazed at their work, they have literal fine artists that can hold their own in the most stodgiest/elite galleries from France and Italy, to Los Angeles and New York!
Always love concept art, and these are great! I hope there will be an art book we can purchase at a later date.
Totally, would actually buy that, simply because i love to see the process behind it all. It amazing what like-minded people can accomplish when they band together like CD Projekt have. :)
I hope the game is as long as the Witcher 3 is. I need another game to take away the human interaction part of my life again haha
There are such tiny but good ideas in these concept arts, sad to see that these can’t be seen in the game, for example, the dogs or the taxi drivers. I can only hope, in one day we will get it with the other missing things.
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