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Conspiracy Theory glitch - Xbox 360 version

Conspiracy Theory glitch - Xbox 360 version

My friend is currently playing The Witcher 2 and is having what seems to be a glitch. The quest is Conspiracy Theory. The task says "Take the square coin to the brothel and ask for whistling windy".

He got all the 3 the coins "The Butcher of Cidaris" ,"In Cervisia Veritas", and the items around the circle at the site of Sabrina Glevissig's execution during "Lost Lambs". He tried all the options available during the conversation with Wendy, and he's not able to give her the coins.

I searched the internet for a solution. Only wiki referred to the problem by saying: "If you die you could encounter a glitch that doesn't let you save or talk to Whistling Wendy again." I don't fully understand what they meant by that, nor did it offer any solution to the problem.

My friend also recorded what happens every time he tries to give her the coins. Here are the videos:

Please help!

Thanks in advance.
You don't need to give her the coins (and you can't). You only need to tell her the right password, so that she'll show you the passage to the conspirators' hideout.
yeah if whistling wendy does not open the trap door, then its glitched.

didn't come accross this myself. although i did come across lots of other glitches on xbox.

revert to an earlier save.
Going by those videos, it is not yet time to talk to Madame Carole. After you ask her for a "romp with one of her girls", you should be able to tell her that you have a square coin. That dialog option is missing. Because it is missing, you cannot progress the quest.

The most likely reasons are that you did not actually complete "In Cervisia Veritas" or "Butcher of Cidaris" correctly (you need only one of the two, but completing both is OK), or that the game is genuinely glitched.

Go back to a save before you had completed these quests and try again.

"In Cervisia Veritas" succeeds only by getting Odrin to tell you about the conspiracy, and give you a square coin, instructions, and Whistling Wendy's password.

"Butcher of Cidaris" succeeds only by getting Sven's father to tell you about the conspiracy, and give you a square coin, instructions, and Whistling Wendy's password.
There is a solution to this and it is an annoying Glitch.
Here's what to do:
- Enter the Brothel.
- Make sure Whistling Wendy is in the Brothel
- Equip your weapon and start scaring at least 2-3 guys inside the Brothel
- Once Whistling Wendy starts to flee,
The hidden basement door will be automatically open.

If it's not,
Get out of the tent/brothel, use the "Wait Time" option and change to any different timing,
Enter the Brothel again and try scaring the people inside with Whistling Wendy (Scaring aka randomly hit by pressing the X button (Xbox360)

This will hopefully fix the issue.