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Count Caldwell and Jutta an Dimun bug(s)?



Either Count Caldwell is bugged with his interactions with Jutta or his description needs better wording. Jutta was at 18 (highest on board) and Count Caldwell didn't switch to my side. Now I'm told its possible he only checks the side he is currently on at turn end--if that's the case this really needs to be said on his card.

Also Jutta an Dimun doesn't seem to take into account if their is another Jutta on the board. I had an opponent with his Jutta at 18 and I played mine and she still hit herself for 6, so either her card needs better wording also, or this is a bug.
Caldwell has "on turn end". If the opponent plays caldwell and passes while having the highest unit, and you pass after his turn, then the round ends. His turn does not begin, and the round concludes with your end of the turn, which is typical for trebuchet and botchling (which also read, "every turn on turn end")

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Jutta shouldn’t have hurt herself if the opponent’s Jutta was at 18. Count Caldwell is bugged and unclear. Sometimes he counts himself and sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes he switches and works and other times he doesn’t. Hopefully we get a fix soon.


Its more about Jutta's bug. Her ability counts only when there is non buffed higher than 12 enemy, or your higher unit. Caldwell is fine


Jutta's case is definitely a bug and should be fixed.

Caldwell on the other hand is working as intended i think, but should be changed so it doesnt count (no pun intended) itself:
I have both won and loss games thanks to Caldwell's weird behaviour.

On one, both me and my opponent played Caldwells, and mine decided to go to his side and stayed there the rest of the match.

On another, the opponent played a Caldwell, i played a bigger unit and it came to my side, the opponent destroyed my bigger unit but since it didnt play anything bigger than 10, the Caldwell remained on my side and i won.

Guest 4322057

If Caldwell doesn’t count itself or does it needs to clearly say in its effect. Personally I don’t think he should himself. Or if he does, at least make it clear.

Jutta shouldn’t damage self if it isn’t the highest, it doesn’t matter if the enemy is booster or not. Typically cards the activate effects if they’re the highest typically count ties as having it as well, so if she damages herself when they also have a 12 that makes sense to me, since Wild Hunt Rider, Wild Hunt Beast, Wild Hunt Navigator, and Imlerith all count themselves as being the highest even if tied with the opponent.
I had a card with 7 power in a row, but Caldwell remained on one that had its higher card with 5.

That card with 5 power was Jutta an Dimun (13 base power). Seems Count Caldwell only looks at base power and not the current one.


I dont think that's the issue - the thing is Caldwell only changes (or not) on turn's end, and that might be hard to figure when it is, instead of switching after every player's turn (1 turn = 2 players turns, if i make myself clear)