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Countdown to the Dark Future (365 Days of Cyberpunk 2020 Facts) Day 74. Topic: Real Food?

I do wonder if in the actual game, you can manage to get to go up the ladder in society based on your deeds or the main plot and see a clear change in your (eating) habits.

While I don't expect V to turn into a CEO or similar of sorts (It's called Cyberpunk not, I dunno, Businesspunk), obviousl as you gain more rep and cred and establish contacts, very likely in the mid to higher echelons of key players such as corps like Militech, you surely will see an improvement in living conditions or opportunities. You might just turn into something like a privileged caretaker of problems.

How would you live?

In a dog-eat-dog society like that, surely I'd try to aim to get as high and far as possible. The irony in this mentality is that it keeps this society going. If you basically only have the last end as bare minimum and can only improve and increase your living standard and survival, who wouldn't try to do so? In hierarchies like Corps it might be worse if you're not contend on the lower ranks as people want your position or privileges.

Dog eat dog. You are what you eat.

As I always weave in immersion and roleplay, in the game I'd surely mimic a more expensive or privileged life, use and consume more useful and surely expensive goods. Including food. After all, all the work isn't to continue to live in a "scrap shack" and eat what you can scavenge.

Enjoy life while it lasts. And that includes food.