Crashing after the lastest 1.6gb patch...

I am in the boat of 50/50.
50% chance it will run and be okay.
50% chance of a complete system lock up and hard reset is needed.
I have updated all drivers. I have the game on SSD and so on. 32 gigs of ram. 1070Ti running in 1440p.

I am left going.. WHY THE FUCK DID I SUPPORT THIS COMPANY! Really. I ordered the game from GOG and so on. Just for a Bethesda Game release. I do not buy anything from Bethesda anything at all. If they release a game. I dont care at all.
But for CPR to do the same thing.

Really the part that pisses me off the most. IT WAS GOING TO BE RELEASED ON 1080 CARDS. But then is released as broken trash.
Over 100 hard resets right now. Are CPR going to buy me a new computer when I have to hard reset endlessly.
Agree completely. Hubby and I both got the game, it runs on his rig fine no issues not even 1 crash and he has a mid-tier 'gaming' laptop. Cant even get it to work on mine.. I said to him that its unacceptable so many people are having these issues and his response was "well its a AAA game, its to be expected that its NOT PERFECT at release"...

Like WTF? How is that:
1. OK?
2. Acceptable
3. To be EXPECTED???

Are these companies NOT selling US a product?? A Promise? Yet, apparently, it's OK?

I just looked at him and said "you're a part of the problem, this is NOT okay, we've bought a product and we EXPECT it to work. From a AAA game dev, this is poor practice and WE all expect more."
Verify integrity in Steam fixed that for me, 7gb file missing.
Now however i play for 10 minutes and flatline everytime after a few minutes :(
Didnt work for me. I verified first & it still had issues, then I uninstalled & reinstalled & still the same crashing... Ugh.
Didnt work for me. I verified first & it still had issues, then I uninstalled & reinstalled & still the same crashing... Ugh.
I just tried deleting the cache folder and it seemed to work for about an hour this time before crashing again !! Getting frustrating !!!!!!!

This is my first CDProject Red game and after hearing all the positive comments about their previous title i expected better that this !! Not sure i will be buying into another one of their titles on day one again unless they release fixes quickly !!

I'm involved in AMS 2 which is made by a small Brazilian development team and if they have an issue it is usually sorted within a very short time. Sure its not the same type of game but CDP have a LOT bigger budget than Reiza (AMS2 developer) and the communication and care to the community is massive! They (Reiza) care about their community !

Hopefully CDP are all over this crashing and there will be an update imminent !
Nope still not working... Ugh, even creating a new character, after selecting corpo it flatlines before character creations.
For anyone who has issues with crashes on starting up the game, have you tried restarting your computer since?

I've had some crashes where they would persist after restarting the game, but after restarting my computer they would be gone.

Still not ideal, but would allow you to keep playing the game after some extend.
Only problem I am having is when closing the game causes a crash report to come up and some fps drops after playing for a while.
BACKED UP MY USER/CYBERPUNK 2077 SAVE GAME FOLDER.....Uninstalled the game. Deleted the entire 2077 game Folder under C:/GOG/ and deleted the registry entries,then from scratch,Reinstalled the game last night and reinstalled the patch ,rebooted after both,and stopped over clocking my video card,AND disabled the MSI FLS Overlays and Steam Overlays.... and it ran fine with no crashes for 10+ hours straight yesterday. Today ? 9 hours more at 1440p on Ultra Graphics + Ultra Raytracing with DLSS on Quality ,zero Flatlines either time,was amazed. Runs great. Before that for 72 hours it was endless Flatlines every 30 to 60 minutes. Turn OFF the Frame rate counters and overlays and just PLAY the actual game,not a FPS EPeen measuring contest. FPS counters are USELESS,THEY DO LITTLE. A rpg like this is fine with 30 to 40 FPS. I now have it capped at 40 FPS in game settings,and it runs great looks stunning. Did the same on my wifes slower PC,same thing, she has been able to play over 8 hours no crashing on the 460.79 nv driver release.
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